LC/UPC 1.5M Pigtail

An LC/UPC 1.5m pigtail is a fiber optic cable assembly with an LC (Lucent Connector) connector on one end and the other end typically left unterminated or terminated with a connector of your choice.

Product Features

LC/UPC Connector:

LC: The LC connector is a small, push-pull fiber optic connector widely used in data networking applications. LC stands for “Lucent Connector” or “Little Connector.” It has a square-shaped connector body and is known for its compact size.

UPC (Ultra Physical Contact): UPC is a type of fiber optic connector polish. LC/UPC connectors have high-quality polished ferrules, which results in low insertion loss and improved optical performance.

1.5m Length:

The pigtail is 1.5 meters (150 centimeters) in length. This length is suitable for various fiber optic applications where you need to establish connections between different network components, such as patch panels, enclosures, or fiber distribution frames.

Unterminated or Customizable:

Pigtails are often left unterminated on one end, allowing the installer to choose the appropriate connector type (e.g., SC, LC, ST, etc.) and terminate it to match the specific requirements of the installation. This flexibility makes pigtails versatile for various networking scenarios.

Fiber Type:

The pigtail may be available in different fiber types, such as single-mode (SM) or multimode (MM), depending on your network’s requirements. Single-mode fibers are typically used for long-distance and high-bandwidth applications, while multimode fibers are suitable for shorter distances and lower-bandwidth applications.


LC/UPC pigtails are commonly used in data centers, telecommunications facilities, and other networking environments where fiber optic connections are required. They can be used for various purposes, including patch panel termination, splice closures, and connecting to optical transceivers.

Ease of Installation:

Pigtails are easy to install. The unterminated end can be spliced or connected to other connectors, allowing for quick and reliable fiber optic connections.

Low Insertion Loss:

LC/UPC connectors are known for their low insertion loss, which means they introduce minimal signal loss when connecting fiber optic components.


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LC/UPC 1.5M Pigtail
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