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  • Outdoor Durability: Outdoor-rated fiber optic cables are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for use in outdoor installations, such as connecting buildings, running cables between utility poles, or laying them in underground conduits.
  • Single Mode for Long Distances: OS2 single-mode fiber is suitable for applications where the distance between network components is relatively long. It is commonly used for long-distance connections in telecommunications, data centers, and large-scale networking.
  • High Bandwidth and Low Loss: OS2 fiber provides high bandwidth and low signal loss, making it ideal for transmitting data over extended distances


Fibre Cable 4 Core Outdoor Single Mode Os2 Per Meter

A “FIBRE CABLE 4 CORE OUTDOOR SINGLE MODE OS2 per meter” cable refers to an outdoor-rated fiber optic cable with four optical fiber cores, and in this case, it’s specified as single-mode OS2 fiber.

Product Features

  • Fiber Cable: This is a generic term indicating that the cable is designed to carry optical signals using one or more optical fibers.
  • 4 Core: This cable contains four individual optical fiber cores. Each core can transmit a separate optical signal, providing four separate communication channels or paths.
  • Outdoor: The cable is specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor-rated fiber optic cables are built to withstand environmental factors like moisture, temperature variations, and exposure to the elements.
  • Single Mode: The term “single mode” refers to the type of optical fiber used in the cable. Single-mode fiber is designed to carry a single light mode (single path of light) at a time. It is typically used for long-distance connections, including those spanning several kilometers or more.
  • OS2: OS2 (Optical Single Mode 2) is a classification of single-mode fiber that meets specific performance standards. OS2 fiber is capable of supporting very high bandwidth over long distances and is often used for applications requiring extended reach, such as long-haul telecommunications, metropolitan area networks (MANs), and data center interconnects.
  • Per meter: The “per meter” notation indicates that the cable is sold or specified by the meter. In other words, if you need a specific length of this cable, you would purchase it in meter increments.


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Fibre Cable 4 Core Outdoor Single Mode Os2 Per Meter
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