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  • 8 zones LED display keypad
    4 wire installation
    Use only with IDS 806 control panels



The IDS 806 LED Keypad is a component used in security and access control systems, typically for arming and disarming alarms, controlling security zones, and providing a user interface for interacting with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

Product Features

1. Keypad Interface: The IDS 806 LED Keypad typically features a numerical keypad for entering security codes and commands. It may also include function keys for various system functions.

2. LED Display: The LED (Light Emitting Diode) display on the keypad provides visual feedback to the user. It can display system status, zone information, and other important messages using alphanumeric characters and icons.

3. Status Indicators: LED lights or icons on the keypad display indicate the status of the security system. Common status indicators include “armed,” “disarmed,” “alarm,” “fault,” and other system conditions.

4. Function Keys: In addition to numerical keys, the keypad may include dedicated function keys for tasks like arming, disarming, bypassing zones, and programming system settings.

5. Audible Feedback: Some keypads feature a built-in speaker for providing audible feedback, such as entry and exit delay beeps, alarm sirens, and system status notifications.

6. Backlit Keys: Many keypads have backlit keys to make them visible and easy to use in low-light conditions or at night.

7. Zone Control: Depending on the system’s capabilities, the keypad may allow users to control individual security zones, enabling them to isolate or activate specific areas of protection.

8. User Codes: The keypad enters user-specific codes to arm or disarm the system, ensuring that only authorized users can control the security system.

9. Tamper Detection: Some keypads have tamper detection features to alert the system if someone tries to tamper with or remove the keypad.

10. Compatibility: IDS 806 LED Keypads are typically designed to work with specific security or intrusion detection systems. Compatibility ensures proper communication between the keypad and the control panel.

11. Mounting: Depending on the installation requirements, the keypad is designed for wall-mounting or flush-mounting.


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