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  • Craft: Barcode, Scratch Off Panel, Signature Panel, Spray Number, Laser Number, Embossing, etc.
  • Printing: Offset Printing, Silk-Screen Printing
  • Card Surface: Frosted/Glossy/Matte Finishing


Mifare Cards

MIFARE cards are a type of contactless smart card that uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to store and transmit data wirelessly. These cards are widely used for various applications, including access control, public transportation, payment systems, and more.

Product Features

  1. RFID Technology: MIFARE cards operate on RFID technology, which allows them to communicate with RFID readers and devices without physical contact. They use radio waves for data transmission.
  2. Frequency: MIFARE cards typically operate at 13.56 MHz, which is a common frequency for contactless smart cards.
  3. Contactless Operation: Users do not need to insert or swipe MIFARE cards into a reader. Instead, they are held in proximity to the reader (usually a few inches), and the data is transmitted wirelessly.
  4. Data Storage: MIFARE cards have a built-in microchip that can store various types of data, including identification numbers, access permissions, and even financial information for contactless payments.
  5. Security: Many MIFARE cards incorporate security features to protect data. They often use encryption and authentication protocols to prevent unauthorized access and cloning.
  6. Variety of Types: MIFARE is a family of smart card products, and it includes various card types and formats, such as MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE DESFire, each with different capabilities and security levels.


MIFARE cards are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Access Control: They are commonly used for building and facility access, providing secure entry to authorized individuals.
  • Public Transportation: MIFARE-based contactless smart cards are widely used as transportation cards for buses, subways, and trains, allowing passengers to pay fares without physical tickets.
  • Payment Systems: MIFARE cards can be used for contactless payments in retail stores, vending machines, and other payment terminals.
  • Identification: They serve as identification cards for employees, students, and members of organizations.
  • Loyalty and Membership Cards: MIFARE cards are used for loyalty programs and membership cards in various industries.
  • Event Tickets: MIFARE-based tickets are often used for entry to concerts, sports events, and conferences.
  • Hospitality: Some hotels use MIFARE cards as room keys for guests.
  • Secure Data Storage: MIFARE cards can be used to securely store sensitive data, such as medical records or personal information.


MIFARE cards are designed to be compatible with MIFARE readers and systems. However, the level of compatibility can vary depending on the specific type of MIFARE card and the reader technology being used.

MIFARE cards have become ubiquitous in many industries due to their convenience, security features, and versatility in various applications. They are a popular choice for organizations and institutions looking to implement contactless access and payment solutions.


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Mifare Cards
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