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  • High-performance VGA cable connects a VGA (Video Graphic Array) equipped computer to a monitor or projector with a 15-pin VGA port (also known as RGB, DB-15, DE-15, HD-15, HDB-15 or D-sub 15) for video editing, gaming, or video projection
  • The combination of gold-plated connectors and bare copper conductors provides this monitor cable with superior cable performance


VGA Cable 30M, white in colour

VGA Cable 30M is designed to provide a high-quality VGA connection, ideally suited for high-resolution applications. This durably constructed VGA video cable eliminates the picture ghosting and fuzzy images, guaranteeing users the ultimate A/V experience.

Product Features

  • Triple-shielded with copper braid, foil, and drain wire
  • Triple coaxial + twisted-pair wire for crystal clear display
  • Durably constructed cable, with high-quality HD15 connectors
  • Impedance matched at 75 Ohms for full brightness and vibrant picture color from your VGA monitor
  • High-quality VGA connectors with molded PVC strain relief


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VGA Cable 30M, white in colour
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