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Weatherproof Housing

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EZVIZ 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA Junction Box

The EZVIZ 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA is a junction box designed to be used with certain models of EZVIZ security cameras. It serves as a protective housing for camera connections and provides a convenient platform for mounting the camera in various locations.

Product Features

Model: 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA

Function: Junction Box

Usage: The CS-CMT-BOXA is typically used with compatible EZVIZ security cameras to protect their connections and provide a stable mounting solution. It helps ensure the camera’s longevity and reliability in outdoor environments.

  1. Weatherproof Housing: The junction box is designed to shield the camera’s connectors and cables from harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, dust, and humidity.
  2. Camera Mounting: The CS-CMT-BOXA includes a camera mount that allows you to securely attach a compatible EZVIZ security camera to the box. This enables flexible installation options and various angles for optimal surveillance coverage.
  3. Cable Management: The junction box provides space for managing the camera’s cables and connections. This helps maintain a neat and organized installation, preventing cables from being exposed to potential damage.
  4. Sturdy Construction: The box is typically constructed from durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions and offer protection against tampering and vandalism.
  5. Compatibility: The CS-CMT-BOXA is designed to be compatible with specific EZVIZ camera models. This ensures proper fit and seamless integration with EZVIZ camera systems.
  6. Tamper-Resistant: The design of the box may include features that deter tampering or unauthorized access to the camera’s connections and wiring.


  1. Mounting: The junction box is usually mounted on walls, ceilings, poles, or other surfaces using appropriate hardware such as screws and brackets.
  2. Camera Attachment: The included camera mount allows you to securely attach the compatible EZVIZ security camera to the junction box. This ensures stability and correct camera positioning.
  3. Cable Connection: The camera’s cables are routed through the junction box, and the connections are made within the housing. This protects the cables from external elements.


The EZVIZ CS-CMT-BOXA junction box is commonly used in outdoor surveillance setups where an additional protective housing and mounting solution are required for compatible EZVIZ security cameras. It’s ideal for installations on building exteriors, walls, poles, and various outdoor structures


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EZVIZ 307700018 CS-CMT-BOXA Junction Box
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