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Yogisun 300L Stainless Steel Pressurized Heat Pipe Solar Heater

Water heating accounts for 30 percent of the energy used
in an average home and is responsible for 25 percent of
the total greenhouse gas emissions from home energy
use. Reducing your hot water use and using renewable
energy sources to heat water are great ways to reduce
your environmental impact.
By installing YogiSun solar water heater for your
household size and water use patterns one can save
money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without
compromising your lifestyle.
By installing a YogiSun solar water heater one can greatly
reduce their energy bills as it will use energy from the sun
to heat water at zero cost. Using solar energy to heat water
produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. YogiSun
solar water heaters can provide up to 90 percent of your
total hot water requirements, depending on the climate
and the model of the heater.

Advantages Of Installing A Solar Water Heater

  • Here are a few advantages of solar water heater:
  • Zero-cost. Ideally, the solar panel uses energy from the sun. …
  • Efficient. …
  • Cheap installation. …
  • Save space. …
  • Save for the environment. …
  • Low maintenance. …
  • Wrapping up!

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