Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX

Supporting up to 200 users, Yeastar S100 is a scalable, module-based VoIP PBX designed to empower and simplify the way you work. It features a quad-core processor, robust unified communications, and excellent interoperability with ease of use.

Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX Built-in Features.

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.  Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX has 100 users (expandable to 200) and 30 concurrent calls (expandable to 60)
.  Built-in call recording capability
.  Includes 100 SIP trunks
.   Connect multiple sites and remote users instantly

.  Add optional modules to activate additional ports up to 16 Analog, 16 BRI, 6 GSM, and 2 E1/T1/J1
.  Includes 10,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage
.   Add D30 module to expand capacity by 100 extensions and 30 concurrent calls
.   2 interfaces for expansion cards (EX08 1 PRI card or EX30 mounting card for 4 modules)
.  Add on powerful apps including auto provisioning, LDAP, and more
.   Free lifetime software/firmware upgrades
.   Low power consumption at 5.5-41.2W
.   Automated attendant (IVR)
.    Email to SMS/SMS to email
.   Fax to email
.  Paging/intercom
.  Mobility extension
.  SIP forking
.  Voicemail to email

Business Communication Management with Yeaster S100 VoIP

Call center Integration.
Support integration with other call center software in the market to drive business success.


CRM Integration
Boost business productivity with screen-pop upon calls and more integration features.


Wide Range of IP & SIP Phones supported.
Yeastar S100 and S-Series support auto-provisioning with numerous SIP/IP phone brands and models.


Branch Office Integration.
Interconnect multisite with ease and benefit from free and seamless inter-office communications.


Microsoft Teams Integration.
Enable enterprise voice to Microsoft Teams users and add more advanced features such as IVR, Call Forwarding, etc. on your Teams.


Flexible Modular Design.

In S100 VoIP PBX all the telephony interfaces are modular and customizable. S100 supports 2 onboard module slots to custom FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G/4G.


Powerful Remote Management.
Monitor and manage your PBX system(s) remotely and centrally. Whether you are a phone system end-user or an IT reseller, the Yeastar Remote Management tool is here to free you from technical headaches and reduce IT & maintenance costs.