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Wharfedale Amplifier CPD 4800 – Sound Equipment

Wharfedale Amplifier CPD 4800

The CPD series of power amplifiers has become a trusted tool for many gigging musicians, tours, and installations since its introduction in 2014. The top-of-the-range CPD4800 delivers breathtaking power. This 2U Class H amp delivers a competitor busting and earth-shattering 4800watts when bridged into 4Ω. Weighing in at only 23.5kg the Wharfedale CPD4800 Amplifier also has the best weight: power ratio in the CPD series.

Wharfedale CPD 4800 Power Amplifier Specifications

Stereo Power Output: RMS
8Ω x 2 1000W
4Ω x 2 1500W
Bridged Mono Power Output: RMS
Frequency Response 20Hz – 30kHz
Topology Class H
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x NL4 (speakON compatible), 2 x binding posts, 2 x XLR
Input Sensitivity & impedance
Sensitivity 0dBu (0.775Vrms)
Balanced XLR input 20KΩ
Maximum Input Level 22dBu (9.7Vrms)
Voltage Gain 42dB
Slew Rate >40V / us
Crosstalk <-75dB
S/N >100dB
Distortion (1W) <0.02%
Damping Factor >300
Front panel AC Switch, CH 1 and CH 2 Gain Knobs
Rear panel Parallel, Stereo & Bridge Mode Switch; Limiter Switch
Protections Thermal protect, Over-current protect,
Output DC protect, Output short protect, Power on/off mute
Indicators Power, Protect, Signal, Peak
Cooling Variable Speed Fan
Dimensions 88 x 483 x 450mm
Net Weight 23.5kg / 51.80lbs
Gross Weight 27kg / 59.52lbs

Hi-Technology Headroom Wharfedale Amplifier – CPD 4800

Working in stereo, parallel, and bridged modes CPD4800 power amplifier is built for a multitude of sound system formations. Brand new class H topology has resulted in a dynamic, high headroom amp made for propelling your loudspeakers through thick and thin with complete clarity.

Be Precise and Gain Control – CPD 4800 Power Amp

Large rotary dials of the Wharfedale CPD 4800 power amplifier accurately adjust gain levels, and you will know when to do so from the clear and simple front panel. A 4 segment led formation display shows vital power status, level, limit, and protect the information, keeping the sound engineer in the know.

CPD 4800 Will Keep Your Sound Engineer in the Know

Easy cleaning

Amplifiers often work in hot and dusty environments and, over time, the fans of an amplifier can easily suck this in. Dirty cooling fans reduce efficiency and can lead to overheating. Its for this reason that we made the CPD series easy to clean. Simply unscrew the front grille, bush off the air filters, and put the grille back on. This easy maintenance means that a CPD amplifier can survive in the most hostile of working environments.