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Victron MultiPlus 800 inverter/charger 35A 12V and 24V

The Victron MultiPlus 800 inverter/charger 35A 12V is a combination of a 12V 700W inverter and battery charger. The integrated battery charger provides 35A which allows quick charging even for bigger batteries as long as there is a grid connection.
The 12V sine inverter converts your DC battery current into a 230V AC current. Thanks to a pure sine wave this inverter is also suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Versatile and flexible
Besides inverter and charger, the MulitPlus also contains a 16A transfer switch which makes it ideal for caravans, campers, boats, yachts, and uninterrupted power supply in case of grid fluctuations or blackouts.
Moreover, it is a handy tool for any grid-tied system which only drains power from the supplier when the battery current is not sufficient.

Victron MultiPlus 800 inverter/charger 35A 12V and 24V Important features:

  • 700W constant output and 1400W peak current, for 12V and 24V battery voltage
  • combination of inverter with transfer switch and 35A battery charger
  • provides pure sine wave at 50Hz
  • VE. Bus communication port allows extensive possibilities in terms of connection, configuration, and controlling of Victron MultiPlus devices
  • supports three-phase operation (3 units of the same model needed)
  • supports parallel operation – up to 6 units can be connected parallel to increase system power if needed
  • 2x AC-outputs (Multiplus 3000 and bigger) – on the second output consumers can be connected that should only run when grid power is available
  • PowerControl-function allows operation with limited generator performance as well as supply through limited shore or grid power
  • PowerAssist-function allows a ‘performance-increase’ of generators and supports shore power connection if needed
  • usable as UPS-solution (uninterrupted power supply)
  • usable for grid-tied systems which only drain power from the supplier when the battery current is not sufficient or other programmable events have happened
  • compatible with much Victron control- and monitoring-panels
  • three-phase operation with other MultiPlus inverters of identical model possible

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