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TBB Pure Sinewave 3000 Watts Inverter Charger

TBB Pure Sinewave 3000 Watts Inverter Charger:

TBB Pure Sinewave 3KVA Inverters are specially designed for off-grid applications featuring high efficiency, extremely low self-consumption power as well as outstanding reliability. They provide continuous rated power at 40°C and 80% even at scorching temperatures up to 60°C. Combined with outstanding overload capability, the TBB inverters will comfortably power large loads such as air-conditioners, refrigerators, and water pumps.

TBB Pure Sinewave 3000 Watts Inverter Charger description

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 52.7 × 22.8 cm
Manufacturer: TBB
Type: Pure Sinewave Inverter
Continuous Power: 3000W
DC Voltage: 24V
Voltage Range: N/A
No Load Current Draw: N/A
DC Connector: N/A
Efficiency: 92%
Warranty: 2 Years


General Features

• Pure sine wave output

• High Ambient temperature design

• Peak efficiency up to 94%

• Extremely low self-consumption

• Outstanding peak power, suitable for most home appliances

• Built-in auxiliary contact

• Vermin-proof design

• Virtually silent operation


Installing a Solar Max inverter in your PV solar system will actually help save costs on your off-grid system:

• Lower rating with powerful overload capability, saving you the investment in a larger inverter.

• Peak efficiency up to 94%

• Savings on solar panel investment due to high efficiency.

• Higher efficiency also translates into savings on your battery investment.

• High reliability saves on operational costs.

• RCC: Simple remote LED display

• Combiner Box: 4- or 8-way combiner box with surge arresters.

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