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Solarland 10 Amp 12/24V Charge Controller

Solarland®’s NR Series solar PWM charge controllers are an excellent solution for small-scale solar power systems.  They are user-friendly in two ways: they are easy to install and include a intuitive displays that allow users to quickly understand the status of the controller and battery charging.

Solarland® SLC-NR2410D FEATURES:

  • High-Efficiency PWM Charge Controller
  • Intuitive LED System Status Display
  • Automatic 12V/24V Detection


Benefits Solarland 10 Amp 12/24V Charge 

The output of a solar panel can vary depending on levels of sunlight, ambient temperature, the quality of the solar cells in the panel, and other factors. All of these factors affect the efficiency of the panels in converting sunlight into electricity.

A solar charge controller smooths out that variability so that batteries receive power at a constant and safe rate. It also sends a “trickle charge” when the battery is nearly full. Since batteries regularly lose a small amount of charge, a trickle charge keeps the battery topped off without overcharging it.

If you have a grid-tied solar+storage system, either ground-mounted or on your roof, you most likely have no need for a solar charge controller. Your excess solar energy will automatically flow into the grid when your battery is full. But if your solar system is operating off-grid, a controller might be a wise investment.

There are two main types of solar charge controllers, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). PWM controllers are better suited for small solar+storage systems with low voltage panels and small batteries. MPPT controllers are more expensive, but have more features and advantages; they are recommended for any solar system over 170 watts

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