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Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded channel consists of the shielded Z-MAX 6A outlet, Siemon category 6A F/UTP cable and Z-MAX patch panels as well as shielded, stranded or solid cord options.


Siemon Cat6A F/UTP LSOH

Siemon Price in Kenya Cat6a
Picture of Siemon cat6a Cable -Showing aluminum foil, Drain Wire,

Siemon Cat 6a F/U Cable Specifications Grey; 

  • Cat6A LSOH F/UTP 4-Pair Cable.
  • The Cable is 23 AWG made from solid bare copper.
  • The jacket diameter is 7.4mm.
  • Contains a central isolation member.
  • The shield is made from aluminum foil tape enclosing a 7-strand 0.05mm tinned copper drain wire.
  • Complies with TIA-568-B.2-10,   IEC 61156-5 ED 2.0 (2009),  IEC 60754, IEC 61034, LSOH: IEC 60332-3C,  UL CM and IEC 60332-1, UL CMR and CSA FT4.
  • Supplied in a Violet LSOH jacket on 500m reels

Combining consistent best-in-class performance, unparalleled usability, and speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity of a shielded cabling system, Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded end-to-end solution represents the cutting edge of category 6A cabling.

You can download the siemion Cat6A data Sheet  and Specifications

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Siemon has three types of cables that are marketed   and highly popular in Kenya,

    • Siemon Cat 6e UTP Ethernet Cable– With an average market price of KS; 16,0000.00-18,000.00
    • Siemon Cat 6a F/UTP Cable – Standard price being – KS; 23,000.00
    • Siemon Cat 7 – SFTP- Average market price – KS; 28,000.00
  • Simon Patch Patch Panels

Siemon offer Panels for cat6e and Cat6A Cabling systems wich can fit to any 19″ Data Cabinet racks

    • Siemon Cat6e 24 ports  and 48 Patch panles 
    • Siemon cat6A patch panels 24 Ports and 48 Ports.

Other low cost but efffective patch panel brands include; D-link, Esedenet, Giganet, Optronics  and Much more.

Purchasing Siemon products in Kenya

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