RQ03 USB Fingerprint Capture and Verify Sensor

The features of the RQ03 USB fingerprint capture&verify sensor

Aesthetic appearance design, durable & practical

RQ03 USB Fingerprint Capture and Verify Sensor:

Accurate fingerprint recognition;
No special software is required, the independent operation;
Record the number of large, fast response times. 

Fingerprint sensors through optical detection, fingerprint
data unified recognition input fingerprint and whether the

The module provides a 32-bit random number, which can make
the application of a fingerprint identification system
module development has the uniqueness, safe and

The processor uses DSP high-speed AS601 processor
performance, fingerprint record number up to 162, low
response time to 1S.

The sensor adopts the high-performance DSP chip for
image rendering, calculation, identification, and search.

Advantages of biometrics and fingerprint scanners include:

  • Improved security – Provides a secure and comfortable access control solution that doesn’t expose your information to cybercriminals.
  • Higher accuracy – As one of the most sophisticated biometric modalities, fingerprint scanners provide almost 100% of accuracy during authentication.
  • Faster access – Compared to typing a password, a fingerprint scanner can lock and unlock your workstation or device quickly. Plus, you will no longer have to remember complex passwords.
  • Greater convenience – Forgetting even one password can be frustrating and you should never use the same password for different systems. Fingerprint scanners increase device and application-level security without overburdening the user with numerous credentials.
  • Increased affordability – Although password management comes free with devices and software systems, fingerprint authentication is an affordable solution that delivers greater security for any kind of secure access control.
  • Flexibility guaranteed – Fingerprint scanners come in flexible designs, are easy to enroll and deploy, and require little or no maintenance except to update the software.
  • Standards met  – Solutions comply with the latest secure authentication standards like FIDO and FIDO2 (or WebAuthn). These standards provide a secure, online access system for sites and services using biometric authentication.

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