Ubiquiti PicoStation M2-HP – 600mW 2.4GHz


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The PicoStatio M can be deployed as an access point or station in applications requiring a minimal installation footprint., The PicoStatio M delivers up to 100 Mbps real TCP/IP throughput.


Ubiquiti PicoStationM2HP – Wireless Access Point – AirMax – 802.11 B/G/N (PICOM2HUS)

    • Small size, versatile application use
    • Carrier-class throughput
    • Durability to last outdoors
    • Medium-range performance
    • The robust, weatherproof case withstands harsh outdoor conditions.The PicoStatio M provides 360° coverage at a range of up to 500 m – suitable for a medium-range deployment.


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