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Huawei GSM Landline  Desk phones that can support airtel landline gsm phone sim cards, Safaricom landline gsm phones, and Telkom Lines.

Suitable for office and homes. The best Networking reception, sound clarity. Longer battery time and Just east use, Plug and play



Desktop GSM  phone with sim card slot Kenya.Single Line/ Dual Desk phone

The Office desk/ Home desk GSM landline phone  has a single or dual sim card slots is open for use with any service Kenya ( Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom) .

GSM Desktop phones are generally suitable for use as a dedicated home phone to conatct your kids or to let your nanny stay intouch with you.

For use in the office, whether at the reception, or your office desk, the GSM Landline Phone  Adds class and elegance to your office.

Desktop phones kenya
Photo from Tronik Kenya, The banner showing the components included in the GSM Desktop Phone Packaging. GSM Power adapter, User Manual and Battery that keeps back up to 72Hrs.

Desktop phones for Office and Homes

Specifications of Safaricom/ Telkom/ Airtel  GSM desk phones

  • The Desk Phone can Write, Receive and Send messages, even sim card toolkit  for mpesa operations
  • Real-time battery percentage and signal strength display.
  • Landline phone supports Alarm clock support
  • Caller identification and no. display,
  • Hands-free calls  and speaker
  • Standard antenna and contains indoor antennas.

Office and Home Desktop Phone has Crystal clear voice, better network connectivity so it can be used in low network places. Can be used as a speakerphone, SMS and phonebook, FM radio

GSM Desktop Phone – Wholesale Suppliers Online, Cordless Telephones, Desktop GSM Phone, Fixed Wireless Terminals

Huawei Sim GSM Desk Phone, Huawei GSM Table Phone with FM Radio.

Huawei GSM desk phone comes with a 5dbi antennas which gives you access to network 24/7 comes with a rechargeable battery single sim one week battery life and durable

Dual sim cards GSM fixed wireless phone.
GSM wireless desk telephone/home phone /office phone.

Dual SIM / Dual Stand-by GSM Fixed Wireless Phone uses two SIM cards giving more flexibility to customers for making calls from their own choice of GSM network

Hauwei GSM Desktop Phone

Landline Gsm Phone For Office and Home with SIM Slot FM Radio

Landline Desktop Phone Works With Any GSM SIM Card

The Home/Office desk phone can be used with any Sim card (Orange, Safaricom and Airtel)

Some of the applications of the landline desk phones in Kenya

1) For public use as payphones, schools, bust stops etc.
2) For office and home use
3) For rural and mountainous areas
4) For mobile carriages, like ships, automobiles and trains
5) For those places where hardwire-line telephone service is unavailable

GSM Fixed Wireless Phone is used to make calls by your GSM SIM card.
Insert GSM SIM card in SIM slot on phone instrument, connect power adapter and switch on power.
1) Crystal clear voice, With Speaker Hands free option
2) Better network fetch capacity,
3) High SMS capacity and 250 phone book,




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