Faiba 4G WiFi GSM Router | Huawei B310 LTE.CPE

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Modem-Router and create a wireless network to connect up to 32 devices in your home or small office.  Easy to install and Suitable solution for Home or small Wi-Fi.


3G/4G GSM Routers Wi-Fi

Enjoy faiba 4G internet in your home or Office, With Faiba 4G Gsm Router, Huawei B310 LTE. CPE. Has sim card slot for  use with Faiba 4g Sim-cards or any other ISP 

Buy the Faiba  4G Modem Router and create a wireless network to connect up to 32 devices in your home or small office.  Easy to install and Suitable Wifi  solution for Home or  Office

Huawei B310 LTE CPE Faiba 4G Wifi Routers Kenya Huawei-B310 Wifi Router

Key Features of the Huawei B310 LTE. CPE Faiba Routers

  • It can  support all  Kenya  Internet service provider service Cards i.e Faiba 4G (JTL}, Telkom 4G, Airtel 4G, Safaricom 4G, it is also backward compatible  to support, 2g,  and 3G Networks 
  • Huawei B310 Faiba has a connection and download speed of up t 150Mbps
  • The 4G Wireless GSM Gateway WiFi Router Can support up to 32 devices
  •  WiFi Stadards supported  802.11b/g/n

How the device Works: Applications of the  Simcard  Wi-Fi router

It is a powerful router that can be used in small office networking to create a network for your computers, Printers, Smart TV, Gaming Consoles, Wi-Fi Enabled Devices 

Connect analog and IP CCTV Cameras to the internet enabling you to have a real-time watchful eye on your home and office

Provide Mobile Internet connection and Wi-Fi in Cars, Buses, and Tour Buses. Easy to configure and let your customers enjoy Wi-Fi

Connect directly with Landline analog phone or PBX as a GSM To landline Converter/ GSM Gateway for Analog Phone systems and PABX

Specifications of the 4G Wi-Fi Routers

  •  4G LTE Indoor CPE/LTE Router
  • * Wi-fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • * WiFi speed up to 150 Mbps
  • 1 WAN/LAN port Ethernet ports for RJ 45 Connection
  • Has RJ 11 Port for connection with analog pbx  and phone systems 


Hauwei 4G Wifi Router B310   is the first LTE TDD wireless GSM router that supports LTE-TDD/FDD 800/900/1800/2600MHz, and has fast speeds up to download speeds of  150Mbps .

The wireless gsm routers supports  up to 32users

Huawei-B310 Wifi Router

Connects landline phone and Cable used a GSM Gateway simultaneous. Making it suitable for Small Office Applications and Home Use for Entertainment devices, computers, smart TVs, Gaming Consoles etc.

It supports multi-devices simultaneous high-speed access, perfect for SOHO’s and small businesses.

Manufacturer Specifications  Hauwei  LTE CPE B310


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