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PP4000 AC PowerPack

Lorentz PP4000 AC/DC Converter to Power PS 4000 Pump Systems from a Generator or Utility Power


 3-Phase AC input: 380V (±20 %), 45 to 65Hz
 DC output: 180-286V, 5.7kW
 DC output rated current: 20A @ 230V DC
 Must be protected from the direct mid-day sun
 IP42
 Ambient temperature: –5 to 45°C
 Efficiency up to 94%
 Passive cooling, no fan
Wire Size
 All wires must be #14 AWG (2.5 mm²) or larger
 Meets the requirements for CE
 332mm x 210mm x 201.8mm
15.7in x 8.7in x 8.3in
 Weight: 14.5kg / 30lbs

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