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Optonica 400 Watt LED Flood Light OP-PT54400S

Solar Floodlight ALL IN ONE 400W, it has smart remote control, built-in light sensor, keep off always by daytime, on/off at any time or choose the 3/5/8H time to set the lighting time. Using good quality polysilicon solar panel, fast charging wiring free zero electric charge, double waterproof design, improved waterproof performance more effectively. The flexible arm can adjust the angle of solar panels according to different angles of illumination. Application; garden, yard, park, sideway and other outdoor place. working time 12hrs.This 12volt and 400watt solar Flood light is a convenient light because you can set it up anywhere provided it gets access to the sun. It requires no wiring and for the duration of its life will maintain itself (though you will have to change the battery once its performance drops).    It provides a 1100 lumens brightness which in ordinary language means you can put it on a pole/height of approximately 5m and it will provide adequate lighting within the area under it.    It has an adjustable solar panel that maximizes sunlight absorption. You can tilt it to get into the best position. The solar panel is a 45watt polycrystalline panel which should have the battery charged fully within less than 8 hours. Once charged the light should work well into the night.   It comes with a remote control that lets you put it on or off at your discretion and also switch to AUTO MODE which means that the light will turn on and off by itself based on the sunlight available (intelligent light control).   The Flood light is simple to install and comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to mount on a wall or on a pole. This makes it great for roadsides, walkways, house perimeters, garden lighting etc..   The 400W Ip67 Solar Floodlight is the most economical  and convenient flood/security light in its class.    GET YOURS TODAY!


  • Affordable, practical, functional!
  • Flood light/Security light great for roads and walkways, fences, walls, roof tops etc..
  • NO WIRING REQUIRED. Great DIY (Do It Yourself) experience
  • Rechargeable by solar panel: 6V/30W
  • Solar charging time: 8hrs
  • Brightness: 1100 lumens
  • Light control function: automatically light up at night and off in daytime
  • Comes with remote to allow for overriding of Automatic function

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