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Optonica 200 Watt LED Flood Light OP-SLT18200W

This 200 watts Super Bright Electric Led Floodlight is ideal for remote locations where there are no or remote areas that lack a reliable light supply such as garages, pathways, sheds, security, and lighting dark areas. This security flood light uses the latest led technology, so it has extremely low energy consumption, yet is super bright and powerful. This simple lighting solution There are many stories of people with lung disease, eye deterioration, burns, and sometimes even death simply because they do not have a healthy alternative to light at night. Women have felt unsafe walking to the toilet outside after dark. Babies are being delivered by midwives using only a candle, and students cannot study when the sun goes down for lack of light leading to increased illiteracy and perpetual poverty. These are the realities for over 1 billion people around the globe. Lack of lighting equates to continued poverty felt around the world.is a great way to add safety, convenience to your hom

Specifications 200 watt LED outdoor flood light:

  • Luminosity : 14000 – 16000 lumen
  • Wattage: 200W
  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Width : 353 mm
  • Height : 241 mm
  • Depth : 56,5 mm
  • Waterproofness : IP65 (protected against water jets)
  • Light color temperature : warm white (2800 – 3500 Kelvin) or cold white (6000 – 6500 Kelvin)
  • Colour: black (warm white) or grey (cold white)
  • Equivalent: 1000W halogen lamp
  • Beam: 120°
  • LED modules : SMD

Advantages of Solar Flood light

  • Pollution reducing and energy saving:


There is a global awareness now amongst people and authorities regarding the importance of using resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly energy sources. Solar street lights use no fuel to operate and work purely on solar energy. Solar energy is unlimited and imperishable and is the perfect green lighting solution. Non-renewable energy sources like coal, gas, oil, etc. can eventually run out. People are becoming conscious about the fact that the use of solar lights helps in reducing the carbon footprints of individuals, homes and businesses.

  • Cost-effective:

Solar street lights are a better investment option considering the capital plus the operation and maintenance costs. Since these lights are dependent on solar energy, there is no need to pay for your electricity every month. Compared to traditional street lights, solar street lights offer long-term benefits. The lights are wireless and independent of any utility grid so no operational costs are incurred in the installation of these lights. Since no manual intervention is needed after the installation, you may save money in maintenance costs also. It is important to also remember that solar street lights are capable of illuminating throughout the night irrespective of power cuts and harsh weather conditions.

  • No complicated power facilities:


Solar street lights are independent in nature and are not connected to your electricity provider. There is only very minimal cabling required to connect the solar panel to the luminary and there are no external wires used outside or at the base of the pole, so they do not pose any threats of accidents. Overheating, electrocutions or strangulation are out of the question when it comes to solar street lights.

Usually, the commercial power lighting projects are time consuming and complicated since they involve foundation work of cables, digging, cable pipe laying, cable threading inside pipes and ditch landfill. All these procedures require a lot of labors and equipment. Moreover, there are additional costs on the transformer, distribution cabinet, and switch board also. However, each solar lighting system is an independent unit and do not need any trenching, cable laying or other similar procedures, saving time, money and labor.

  • No interdependency weaknesses:

Traditional grid electricity uses a high level of interdependency. Interdependency of cables simply means problems in one area can affect many other connected cables and affect the whole power supply. This is not a concern at all in solar street lighting as each unit is an independent power generating system and if one light does not work, you need to check and fix that single unit only.

  • No cable costs or cable theft:

Cable theft is a common problem in remote areas and laying cables and transportation of materials to those areas can cost you dearly. These issues can be completely avoided when the traditional lights are replaced by a solar lighting system. Since each unit is independent and free from any cable connection, there will be no cable to steal. In case a solar-related theft occurs, it will not affect the operation of any other unit in the system. This helps in reducing any potential losses to a minimum.

  • Intelligent control, easy installation and maintenance:

Solar street lighting uses an impressive dusk-to-dawn feature and is controlled by built-in intelligence. The whole installation process is simple and time-saving. The procedure requires only basic stools and minimum labor, making the process safe and economic. Compared to conventional street lights, solar street lights require very minimal maintenance. Apart from cleaning and doing a few inspections once in a while, there is nothing much to do to ensure its longevity.

  • Available in wide ranges:

Solar lighting technology has evolved over the years and researchers and scientists are still working towards making the panels more effective. In the future years, solar panels prices are expected to be less expensive. There is a variety of solar street lights available now with different features, sizes, types, styles, capacities, etc. and are aesthetically designed to suit your functional needs.

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