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Optonica 100 Watt LED Flood Light OP-PT54100S

All of  Optonica’s LED products represent outstanding quality thanks to the Chip on Board manufacturing technology. Our LED products are not only economical but also have an excellent value for money. Thanks to its vibration/flickering-free operation, it has no harmful effects on the human eye.

Our LED floodlights are an excellent choice for both outdoor (car park, garden, buildings) and indoor lighting (warehouses, halls). All of our floodlights are IP 65 certified (waterproof).

Product Specs

Operational performance/Rated Wattage: 100W
Equivalent performance: 500W
Input voltage: 6.4v
Luminous flux: 2000 lm
Energy Efficiency Label: A+
Warranty: 5 years
Color rendering index (CRI): min.80
IP certification: IP65
Beam angle: 120 degree
Material: aluminium
Size: light- 320x280x80 mm / battery- 580x360x20 mm
Life span: 25.000 hrs.
Item number: FL5463+

Advantages Of Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid resulting to lessened operation costs. These means that these are wireless lights and are not connected to your electricity provider. The lights are dependent of the heat energy given off by the sun, storing as much of it throughout the day. Solar street lights require lesser maintenance than conventional street lights. These have lower chances of overheating. Since solar wires do not have external wires, the risk of accidents is minimized. A lot of times, accidents happen to the personnel who fixes the street light. These can include strangulation or electrocution. Solar street lights are environment-friendly because its panels are solely dependent to the sun hence eliminating your carbon footprints contribution. Some parts of solar street lighting systems can be easily carried to remote areas making these more efficient and handy solutions to lighting problems. On the other hand, if there are advantages, solar street lights also have a number of disadvantages. It also pays to make you aware of these few advantages just so you can compare it to conventional lighting systems. In the end, you just have to decide whether the advantages top the disadvantages or not.
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