Mini03F Fingerprint Time Attendance with 2.4 inch TFT

Mini03F Fingerprint Time Attendance with 2.4 inch TFT:

Free software installation

And complicated online operations say “Goodbye”

It can define Time Shift, Work schedule for Employee Time Tracking via USB flash Drive with Excel File, Device Output IN&OUT Report, Log Report, Daily Report, Month Report Excel file via USB flash drive. Easy and Convenient to use this fingerprint time clock because only Excel and USB flash Drivers are Required, Very Good Attendance machine for Time Tracking.

USB download attendance data

Recognition speed, it is more convenient to read the data

* Download Employee or User Information into Excel sheet file in USB flash Memory, upload excel sheet file to modify user and employee information
* Download use information including fingerprint data, password, etc, then can upload to another device
* Download shift setting and shift assignment excel sheet, upload shift setting excel sheet to modify shift setting and shift assignment.
* Download daily attendance, month/period attendance report, include late, absent, work time calculation, and punch time log report into excel file in USB flash memory

“Small” shape, “Big” role

So simple, exquisite, let you fondle admiringly

This product USES the 2.8 -inch high-definition color screen, ultra-thin, concise structure design, accord with human body engineering principle, sophisticated, and with a generous, soft line, fashion appearance. Support functions of SSR automatic attendance and T9 input method can directly generate reports on the attendance machine, users need to use PC software, can complete the staff attendance management (including personnel management, attendance set), at the end of the month by U disk export Excel, more convenient and faster for you to reach the company staff management.

The correct attendance fingerprint more effectively

Complete leave a clear fingerprint, lest affect attendance effect

To register for the first time, please select lines clear finger, please input fingerprint forcibly hold the fingerprint readers, leave clear fingerprints, otherwise it will affect future attendance results. Attendance at the Angle of the finger to put is if finger sweat or oil block grain attendance would be affected.

Remote operations, local area network (LAN) seamless docking

Attendance member is no longer running around and efficient management

Traditional paper card clock:
1, card clock needs regular maintenance, affects the normal use of check on work attendance;
2, can’t put an end to clock in, unable to perform an effective attendance system fundamentally;
3, clock speed slow, after the card to clock in inspection is correct and clear, from the time when the ring out area traffic jam;
4, manual processing results of check on work attendance, the statistical workload is big, because the clock is not clear or there is too much, easy to statistical errors, thus caused the dispute;
5, high maintenance costs and the need to regularly buy CARDS, ribbon, etc.;
6, not a beautiful card, and the cardholder and occupy a large area.
The fingerprint card clock:
1, the conventional card clock using habit, without software, is easy to use;
2, paper card display, name, late and leave early voice prompt;
3, fingerprint attendance to eliminate instead of punching;
4, attendance statistics function without artificial statistics;
5, U disk export card statement (Excel format), can view, print, and save on the computer;
6, through U disk import name;
7, support three class sections, can be manually or automatically selected gear, flexible to satisfy various attendance requirements;
8, cardboard and replacement without having to buy ribbon, more economic and environmental protection;
9. No regular maintenance and durability.

Attendance report

Easily view all kinds of report forms

Automatic generation of monthly attendance report query Excel employees, employees Moonrise attendance statistics, attendance statistics, abnormal attendance statistics as well as employees of the actual time clocked can generate the corresponding statements
You can set multiple shifts in the attendance system
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, daily work attendance details, displaying an accurate time attendance table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, details of work every day on the staff is not normal, abnormal display in the table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
View the employee with the attendance information
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)

Product Specs

Item Description
Fingerprint capacity 600
Record Storage 150, 000
Period of data Keep data for 10 years when no current
Max Fingerprint per User 10
Verification mode 1: N, 1:1
Response time ≤0. 7 second
Resolution 500DPI
TFT Color Displayer 2.4 inch
Connection Slot USB
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
KeyBoard  16 Keys
Show Time, ID number, Name
Working mode Time & attendance, standalone, can work persistently
Save function Color Screen Saver
Time & Attendance mode Fingerprint, password
Temperature/Humidity 0℃~45℃ / 20%~ 80%
Power supply DC5V, 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
Option No
Warranty of period 12 months
Size 190*141*32mm
Applications Office/factory/bank/hotel/school etc

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