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Lorentz ps200 hr-07-3 submersible pump system

Lorentz ps200 hr-07-3 DC powered helical rotor has been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power

 submersible pump system performance

Flow rate:  6,000 litres per day @ 40 meters    panels required  2 x 300 watt solar panel  
Flow rate:  6,000 litres per day @ 25 meters    panels required  1 x 330 watt solar panel

DC Controller:  Lorentz PS2-200 DC controller
DC motor:  Lorentz ECODRIVE 150-HR-S  0.3 kW IP68 3300 rpm 95mm diameter water-filled motor
Pump End:  HR-07 helical rotor  304/316 ss with rubber stator
Pump connection:  32mm FI BSP

Technical Details

Pump System PS 200HR-07-3
max. total dynamic head [m] 40
max. flow rate [m³/h] 1.3
Solar Operation: Max Power Voltage (Vmp) >34
Solar Operation: Open Circuit Voltage [V DC] max.100
Solar Operation: Nominal Voltage [V DC] 24-48
Battery Operation: Nominal Voltage [V DC] 24 and 48

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