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Livguard 7.5KVA Solar Hybrid UPS/Inverter LS OG7500-120v

Livguard 7.5KVA, 120V Solar Hybrid PCU Inverter UPS LSOG7500 Power Conditioning Unit with PWM Charge Controller with Pure Sine Wave Output Has high-efficiency solar UPS that runs both on solar & utility ( grid ) power supply for Solar Off-Grid Applications for your Home, Office, Industrial, Residence, Commercial application, Solar Power Solution Product is the Ideal solution for Off-grid applications. It has an in-built solar charge controller which extracts maximum power from solar modules to power your appliances & battery charging, Designed to offer control PCU Inverter UPS intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery, and Grid power.


  • Rated AC power – 230V, Single phase.
  • Max Supported Panel Power – 8 KWp
  • Max Input Voltage (Voc) – 216V
  • Charge Controller – PWM, 50Amps
  • Nominal Battery Bank Voltage – 120V
  • No. Of Batteries Required – 10 No’s
  • Has In-built MOSFET Switching Element
  • The inbuilt PWM charge controller extracts more power from Solar PV Panels
  • Selectable source priority: Choose source priority from solar, battery, and grid
  • User-friendly Informative LCD Display for time charging, Supply, etc
  • Safe for your home with comprehensive protection features such as Thermal Trip, Overload with %, Short Circuit, Battery Low, PV Reverse, and MCB Trip.
  • Pure sine wave output for safety and noiseless operation & Long Life of connected appliances.

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