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JRX218S | JBL Professional Loudspeakers

The JRX218s is an 18″ compact direct-radiation subwoofer designed to supplement and extend the low-frequency performance of full-range systems in live sound and music playback applications The JRX200 series delivers the performance and prestige JBL is known for at an affordable price point To meet these conflicting design goals we looked at every element of the speaker system design We kept everything that makes a speaker perform and sound its best and we eliminated things that don’t With performance value and popular price points we are going to be building a lot of JRX200 speakers This means we can apply efficient high-volume production methods and purchase materials at the lowest cost That’s how JRX200 delivers unprecedented value


  • 18 in. compact subwoofer.
  • 350 W (continuous), 1400 W (peak) power capacity.
  • The rugged enclosure is constructed from 19 mm (.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for durability and improved low-frequency performance. The enclosure is covered in black carpet.
  • A top-mounted, cast aluminum 35 mm pole mount receptacle can receive an optional SS3BK pole to facilitate the use of the JRX218S as a base for a mid-high speaker cabinet.
  • Non-resonant, all steel handles are used.
  • An attractive 18-gauge perforated steel grille protects components from damage.

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