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  • Risco CoMET PIR alarm Motion Sensor (RK210PR0000A) provides exceptional intrusion protection with superior immunity to false alarms
  • Compatible with security alarm systems
  • Risco CoMET PIR(Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor has a range of 12m


Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor, 8m. (RK210PR0000A)

The Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor, model number RK210PR0000A, is a motion detection sensor designed to enhance the security of residential and commercial spaces.

Product Features

Model: RK210PR0000A – Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor, 8m

Type: Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

Detection Range: The sensor covers a detection range of up to 8 meters (approximately 26 feet) in its field of view.

Technology: Passive Infrared (PIR) – PIR sensors detect changes in infrared radiation emitted by objects in motion. When a warm object, such as a person, enters the sensor’s field of view, it triggers an alarm or other responses.

Coverage Pattern: The sensor’s coverage area is typically a cone-shaped zone that extends outward from the sensor. In this case, it encompasses an area up to 8 meters from the sensor.

Mounting: The sensor is designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings, ensuring optimal coverage of the intended area for motion detection.

Compatibility: The Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor is intended to integrate with Risco’s security systems and solutions, allowing it to work seamlessly within a larger security network.

  1. Pet Immunity: The sensor may incorporate pet immunity technology that differentiates between human motion and the movement of smaller pets, reducing the risk of false alarms caused by pets.
  2. Anti-Masking: Some advanced PIR sensors, like the CoMET, may include anti-masking technology. This feature helps detect any attempts to cover, block, or tamper with the sensor’s lens.

Installation: Proper installation involves positioning the sensor at an optimal height and angle to ensure effective motion detection. Wiring and configuration might be required to integrate it with the larger security system.

Usage: The Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor is commonly employed as part of security systems in residential and commercial environments. It enhances security by detecting unauthorized movement within the designated protected area. The sensor is often used alongside other security devices, such as alarms and surveillance cameras, to create a comprehensive security solution.

False Alarm Prevention: The sensor’s advanced features, such as pet immunity and anti-masking technology, contribute to reducing false alarms and ensuring reliable motion detection.

Product Specifications

Brand Risco
Power Source Corded Electric
Maximum Range 40 Feet
Mounting Type Wall Mount


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Risco CoMET PIR Motion Sensor, 8m. (RK210PR0000A)
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