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  • Compact & Elegant cable manager with built-in connector case
  • Full Plastic body
  • Standard 19″ Rack-mountable – 1U
  • Organizes cables on the front and/or back of the rack to give installations an extremely neat, professional appearance.


Giganet 1U cable Manager hanger

Giganet 1U Cable Manager| Rack Manager provides an economical and superior Cable Management solution for Horizontal and Vertical cable management with different sizes, covers, and blanks for both front and rear cable management.

The gigantic rack mount panel is a standard 19″ 1U plate that can be used as a cable organizer and provides a neat and clean appearance by for your cabling. Giganet 1U Cable Manager Plastic D-Ring panel fits a standard 19″ wide rack and covers 1U of rack space. The panel is constructed of black molded plastic with mounting holes predrilled for ease and convenience.

Product Features

  • Rack-Mountable Design: The cable manager hanger is designed to be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack or enclosure, which is commonly used in data centers, server rooms, and networking cabinets. It typically occupies 1U (1 rack unit) of vertical space.
  • Cable Hanging Solution: Unlike traditional cable managers with cable pass-throughs and channels, a cable manager hanger focuses on providing a solution for hanging and securing cables vertically.
  • Cable Routing: The primary purpose of a cable manager hanger is to route and organize network cables vertically within the rack. It allows cables to be hung neatly, preventing them from sagging or becoming tangled.
  • Versatile Cable Hanging: The hanger may include various attachment points or hooks where cables can be hung or secured. These attachment points can accommodate a range of cable types, such as Ethernet cables, power cords, or fiber optic cables.
  • Enhanced Airflow: Proper cable management with a cable manager hanger can contribute to improved airflow within the rack, which is important for maintaining optimal operating temperatures for networking equipment.
  • Aesthetics: Cable manager hangers not only improve cable organization but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the rack by creating a clean and professional look.
  • Cable Labeling: Some cable manager hangers may provide options for labeling cables to identify them easily. This labeling can be especially useful when troubleshooting or making changes to the network.
  • Easy Installation: The cable manager hanger is designed for easy installation in a 19-inch rack or enclosure. It typically includes mounting hardware or brackets for secure attachment.
  • Durable Construction: Cable manager hangers are usually constructed from durable materials to withstand the demands of networking environments.
  • Application: Cable manager hangers are commonly used in networking setups where vertical cable organization and aesthetics are important considerations. They are particularly useful when dealing with long or vertical cable runs.


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Giganet 1U cable Manager hanger
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