A “Fire Cable 90m Roll” likely refers to a roll of cable designed for use in fire alarm systems or other fire safety applications. These cables are specially designed to maintain their functionality and integrity even in the presence of fire, ensuring reliable communication and safety measures. Here’s a general description of what you might expect from a fire cable roll

Product Features

  1. Fire Resistance: Fire cables are constructed with fire-resistant materials to withstand exposure to high temperatures and flames. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire and maintain functionality during emergencies.
  2. Length: The “90m Roll” indicates that the cable comes in a roll with a length of 90 meters. This length provides flexibility for installation in various settings.
  3. Application: Fire cables are commonly used in fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, and other fire safety equipment to ensure proper communication and functionality during a fire event.
  4. Conductors: The cable likely contains multiple conductors, which are used to carry electrical signals between different components of the fire safety system.
  5. Insulation: Fire cables are insulated to prevent short circuits and to protect the conductors from environmental factors and potential damage.
  6. Sheathing: The cable is encased in a protective sheath that provides additional protection against physical damage, moisture, and environmental factors.
  7. Color Coding: Fire cables often come in specific colors to indicate their purpose and role within the fire safety system. This color coding helps with proper installation and maintenance.
  8. Certifications: Reliable fire cables should adhere to industry standards and certifications to ensure they meet safety requirements and can perform effectively during fire events.
  9. Installation: Fire cables are installed according to specific guidelines to ensure they function properly and maintain their fire-resistant properties. Proper installation methods help maintain the overall integrity of the fire safety system.
  10. Compatibility: The fire cable might be compatible with various fire alarm control panels, detectors, sensors, and other fire safety devices.
  11. Markings and Labeling: The cable roll might include markings and labeling indicating its specifications, certification, and other relevant information.

Product Specification

Wire Size 0.75 – 6 sqm
Coil Length 90m
Voltage 1100 V
Number Of Cores Single
Country of Origin Made in India


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