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  • Lock Accessory Type U bracket
  • Lock type electric magnetic
  • Body material anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions (WхHхD) 184х45х37.5 mm


Electronic MBK-280U bracket

An “electronic bracket” typically refers to a bracket or mounting system designed for the installation or attachment of electronic components or devices. These brackets are often used to securely mount electronic equipment or devices in various settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive applications.

Product Features 

  1. Material: Electronic brackets can be constructed from various materials, including metal, plastic, or specialized alloys, depending on the intended use and durability requirements.
  2. Mounting Options: They may offer different mounting options, such as wall mounting, panel mounting, or rack mounting, to accommodate various installation needs.
  3. Size and Shape: The specific design and size of the bracket would depend on the electronic device or component it is intended to support.
  4. Adjustability: Some brackets are adjustable or have swivel and tilt functions to provide flexibility in positioning electronic devices for optimal viewing or access.
  5. Compatibility: Electronic brackets are designed to be compatible with specific electronic devices or equipment. For example, TV wall mounts, camera mounts, or vehicle-specific mounting brackets.
  6. Cable Management: In some cases, electronic brackets may include features for cable management to keep wires and cables organized and out of sight.
  7. Load Capacity: The load capacity of the bracket is an important consideration, ensuring that it can safely support the weight of the electronic device.


The specific use of an “Electronic MBK-280U Bracket” would depend on its design and intended application. Here are some examples of where such brackets might be used:

  • TV Wall Mount Bracket: To mount flat-screen televisions securely on walls.
  • Camera Mount Bracket: For mounting security cameras or surveillance equipment.
  • Electronics Enclosure Bracket: Inside electrical or control enclosures for mounting circuit boards or components.
  • Automotive Electronics Bracket: In vehicles for securing electronic control units (ECUs) or display screens.

Product Specifications

MaterialHigh Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finish
SuitableFrameless Glass Door
Opening Mode90 Degree Door
Finish for ShellAnodized aluminum
Patent No.201420531833.6


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Electronic MBK-280U bracket
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