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CCTV cameras – Power supply for 32-channel


total output – 30 Amp

Input – AC 110 V-240 V

category – CCTV cameras


CCTV Closed Power Supply 12V 30Amps

This power supply is designed to be used when you need to power security cameras that demand higher power inputs. This unit can provide up to 30 amps of 12V DC power which is more than twice the power output of the average power supply. If you are using long-range infrared cameras that use 12V DC power, we highly recommend this power supply. This power supply box is a 12V DC output, 30 AMP regulated. Each channel is individually fused using PTC auto-reset fuses rated at 1.6 amps. This power distribution box can power up to 16 CCTV cameras, HD security cameras, or IP cameras. The required power input is 110~120VAC. This power supply box can be wired using the 18/2 conductor cable from RG59 Siamese as well as pre-made security camera cables.Powering multiple cameras could not be easier! line of Professional CCTV Power Supplies gives installers what they expect when it comes to power supply quality and reliability

Every channel is protected with Auto-Reset PTC fuses which means these fuses will Not blow

This box can be mounted to any surface plugged into an AC outlet and up in seconds!

12VDC – 30amp supply current | Multiple outputs (32 channel) | 32 auto-reset PTC fuse protected output | Power on/off switch

DC regulated, over current and voltage protected | Individual LED indicator for each out put | Dimensions:25cm21.3cm9.5cm | Fuse Rating: 1.1A

Product Features 

THE 12V 30Amps CCTV power supply is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, rust resistance and corrosion resistance, solid and durable in use.
There are two cooling methods: free air convection(where the power supply cools with ventilations i.e. holes located on the upper part).

cooling and fan cooling(where the power supply cools with the use of a fan located on the upper part or the side).
With a short circuit protecting function and over temperature protecting function, the power supply is safe and reliable to use.
Easy and convenient to install, though professional installation by qualified electricians is highly recommended.

12v 10amps CCTV power supply has a long durability life span, with long withstanding power input for up to 220v and input for up to 110v, this helps when using normal homestead input power.
Widely applicable for LED display lights and sign boards, household equipment, industrial equipment, monitoring equipment, industrial automation machinery, industrial control systems, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic instruments and equipment, etc.

Powering multiple cameras could not be easier!  line of Professional CCTV power supplies gives installers what they expect when it comes to power supplies, quality, and reliability.


Product Specifications

  • Brand: PowerSupply1
  • Complies with RoHS Directive
  • AC Input Voltage Range: 85-132/ 170-264VAC Selected by Switch
  • Input Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Inrush Current: Cold Start, 20A/115V, 40A/230V
  • Input Leakage Current: <0.7mA/230V
  • Line Regulation (Full Load): <± 0.5%
  • Output Voltage Adj. Range: ± 10%
  • Output Overload Protection: 110-130% Constant Current, Auto Recovery
  • Output Over Voltage Protection: 115-150%
  • Withstand Voltage: I/P-O/P: 3.0KVAC/1min; I/P-F/G: 1.5KVAC/1min; O/P-F/G: 0.5KVAC/1min
  • Rise Time: 50ms @full load (typical)
  • Hold Up Time: 20ms @full load (typical)
  • Operating temp.& humidity: -10°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F), 20%-93%RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage temp.& humidity: -20°C to 85°C (-4°F – 185°F), 20%-93%RH (non-condensing)
  • Safety Standards: GB4943, UL60950, EN60950
  • EMC Standards: GB9254, EN55022 class
  • Cooling Method: Convection
  • Manufacturer: Hengfu


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CCTV Closed Power Supply 12V 30Amps
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