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 These Manual call points are high reliability and easy installation.

2. Available for flush or surface mounting

3. DC24V or AC220V powered, two-wire connection

4. Suitable for most conventional fire alarm system


AW-CMC2166-6 Conventional Manual Call Point

The AW-CMC2166-6 Conventional Manual Call Point is a safety device used in fire alarm and emergency notification systems. It allows individuals to manually activate an alarm signal in the event of a fire or other emergency

Product Name: AW-CMC2166-6 Conventional Manual Call Point

Product Features 

  1. Emergency Activation: The primary function of the manual call point is to provide a means for individuals to manually initiate an alarm in case of a fire or other emergency. When activated, it sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel to trigger the alarm and initiate the appropriate emergency response.
  2. Resettable: After activation, the manual call point can usually be reset using a key or tool provided with the device. This ensures that the alarm system can be returned to normal operation once the emergency is resolved.
  3. Break Glass or Push Button: Manual call points are typically available in two main types: break glass and push-button. Break-glass models require breaking a glass element to activate the alarm, while push-button models are activated by pressing a button.
  4. Visible Activation Indicator: Many manual call points feature a visible indicator (often a colored flag or LED) that shows when the device has been activated. This helps responders identify the location of the alarm activation quickly.
  5. Test Function: Manual call points often include a test function, allowing users to verify that the device is operational without triggering a full alarm.
  6. Mounting: These devices are designed for wall mounting in strategic locations throughout a building or facility. They are typically installed near exits, stairwells, and other areas where people can easily access them in case of an emergency.
  7. Weatherproof Options: Some manual call points are designed to be weatherproof or suitable for outdoor use, making them suitable for use in a variety of environments.
  8. Compatibility: The AW-CMC2166-6 is part of a conventional fire alarm system. It is compatible with other components of the system, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and the fire alarm control panel.
  9. Tamper-Resistant: Manual call points are often designed to deter tampering or unauthorized activation. They may have security features to prevent false alarms.
  10. Compliance: Manual call points are typically manufactured to meet relevant fire safety standards and regulations, ensuring their reliability and performance in emergencies.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Generic
Operating System fire
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
CPU Model Snapdragon
Biometric Security Feature Face Recognition



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AW-CMC2166-6 Conventional Manual Call Point
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