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1 Strong Adaptability For Circumstance
2.     SMT Design, High Stability
3.     40-60vdc Wide Voltage Operating Range
4.     Low Standby Current
5.     Power Supply Non-Polarized input


Asenware Smoke Detector AW-CSD311

AW-CSD311 is a conventional photo-electronic smoke detector that uses a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alarm panels.
The conventional rate-of-rise heat detector uses thermal components to detect temperature changes in the environment. It can enable a fire alarm when the temperature difference achieved the setting rate of rise temperature value reaches the setting fixed value. It has a stable and reliable working performance.
Two LEDs on each detector provide a local 360° visible alarm indication. They flash every six seconds indicating that power is applied and the detector is working properly. The LEDs latch on in alarm. LEDs will be off when a trouble condition exists indicating that the detector sensitivity is outside the listed limit. The alarm can be reset only by a momentary power interruption.
The detector that initiated the alarm condition will have its red LED and relays latched until reset by the panel.

Product  Features 

  1. Smoke Detection: The primary function of the AW-CSD311 is to sense the presence of smoke particles in the surrounding environment. Smoke detection is a critical early warning system for fire safety.
  2. Conventional (Two-Wire) Design: This smoke detector operates using a conventional (two-wire) configuration. It typically uses two wires for power and communication with the fire alarm control panel. This design simplifies installation and reduces wiring complexity.
  3. Photoelectric Sensing Technology: The AW-CSD311 commonly utilizes photoelectric smoke sensing technology. This technology relies on the scattering of light to detect smoke particles. When smoke enters the detection chamber, it scatters the light, triggering the alarm.
  4. Alarm Signaling: When the smoke detector detects the presence of smoke, it triggers an alarm signal. This signal is transmitted to the connected fire alarm control panel, which then initiates the appropriate emergency response, such as sounding alarms and notifying authorities.
  5. Visual Indication: Many smoke detectors include a visual indicator (typically an LED) that activates when the detector is in alarm mode. This provides a visual cue to alert building occupants and responders.
  6. Low Battery Indicator: Some models of smoke detectors include a low battery indicator, which signals when it’s time to replace the backup battery to ensure continued operation during power outages.
  7. Temperature Rating: The detector is designed to operate within a specified temperature range, ensuring its reliability in various environmental conditions.
  8. Mounting: Smoke detectors are typically ceiling-mounted in strategic locations throughout a building or facility. Proper placement is essential for effective smoke detection.
  9. Compatibility: The AW-CSD311 is designed to be compatible with conventional fire alarm systems. It works in conjunction with other components, such as manual call points, heat detectors, and the fire alarm control panel.
  10. Tamper Resistance: Smoke detectors are often designed to be tamper-resistant, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to disable or tamper with the device.
  11. Compliance: The smoke detector is typically manufactured to meet relevant fire safety standards and regulations, ensuring its reliability and performance in fire detection.

Smoke detectors like the AW-CSD311 are vital for the safety of building occupants, as they provide early detection of fires, allowing people to evacuate safely and minimizing property damage. Proper installation, regular maintenance, and adherence to local fire safety codes and regulations are essential to ensure the effectiveness of smoke detectors in fire detection and life safety systems.


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Asenware Smoke Detector AW-CSD311
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