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2 Door Interlocking Module

Interlocking module is a high security device that control 2 doors in and airlock situation. When used with our Door status range of magnetic locks 2 door interlocking is achieved allowing only 1 door to be open at a time


  • Predesigned Modules take the guesswork out of custom solutions
  • Pre-programmed Modules make installation quick and easy and the use of plug & play cables eliminate time consuming wiring
  • Flexibility to make onsite changes to door interlocking with minimal effort
  • Works with all doors – swing, sliding, roll-up and Pass-throughs
  • Can control Material Air Locks, Personnel Air Locks, Gowning Rooms, Pass Boxes/Throughs, Air Showers
  • Compatible with most access control devices such as simple pushbuttons, wave sensors, card swipes, badge readers, numeric keypads etc.
  • Time delay option as well as ability to activate ventilation blowers or UV lamps to isolate areas to allow time to condition the contained air
  • Provides input to Building Management Systems or other external monitoring systems (like fire alarms) for centralized monitoring of door status
  • LED indicators on each Module and optional Door Indicators provides visual door status
  • Optional Door Indicators have an audible alarm if the door is left open for more than 20 seconds, is forced open or in the event of a “simultaneous door opening”
  • Up to 10 doors can be interlocked per Master Module, with an additional Master Module required for each additional 10 doors


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2 Door Interlocking Module
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