HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s
4G LTE | 150 Mbps High-Speed Network | 1500 mAh Battery Capacity

Huawei E5576 Unlocked 4G LTE150 Mbps Wi-Fi Hotspot, Connecting up to 16 Devices Wireless Router with 1500 MaH Battery

Pocket-Size, Impressively Lightweight

HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s is small and lightweight at only You can easily carry it around and access Wi-Fi at home, in the office, on trips, or anywhere you go.

Easy & Fast Wi-Fi

Just insert a SIM card and you will get up to 150Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi with HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s. You can video chat, stream music, or watch movies while traveling, just like if you were in your living room.

Stay Connected Together

Capable of connecting up to 16 Wi-Fi devices HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s allows you to share the internet with your friends and family, and enjoy your time with them. It also lets you use your phone, tablet, and other Wi-Fi devices at the same time.

Lasting Power and Fun

HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s is built with a powerful 1500 mAh battery, and its intelligent battery-saving mode makes it more energy efficient. You get enormous power in a compact body which allows you to play for longer on the go.

Expand Your Wi-Fi Coverage

Connect HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s to the router in your home to boost the existing Wi-Fi signal and deliver coverage to more spaces. You can stream music on the balcony while soaking up the sun or watch your favorite shows online in your cozy bedroom.