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  • Compatibility: HP ProBook 4310S,  4311S
  • Layout: US Layout
  • Durable
  • Color: Black

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HP ProBook  Laptop Replacement  Keyboards in Nairobi Kenya.


HP ProBook 4310 Laptop Keyboard Hinges are the small plastic clips located underneath each key.

Most laptops use multiple keyboard manufacturers, so replacement keys are not a universal fit! Ordering by your laptop model alone is not enough.

You must read and follow the instructions carefully to assure you select the correct replacement kit

HP ProBook Laptop Keyboard replacement with  specifications  and compatible with

Compatible Laptop Models: Hp 4310, Hp 4310s, Hp 4311, Hp 4311s,

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • Hp 535308-001, Hp 535308-031, Hp 535308-041,
  • Hp 535308-051, Hp 535308-061, Hp 535308-071,
  • Hp 535308-131, Hp 535308-141, Hp 535308-171,
  • Hp 535308-201, Hp 535308-251, Hp 535308-A41,
  • Hp 577205-001, Hp 577205-031, Hp 577205-051,
  • Hp 577205-061, Hp 577205-071, Hp 577205-121,
  • Hp 577205-141, Hp 6037b0039701, Hp 6037b0039704,
  • Hp 6037b0039705, Hp 6037b0039706, Hp 6037b0039711,
  • Hp 6037b0039715, Hp 6037b0039718, Hp 6037b0039719,
  • Hp 6037b0039722, Hp 6037b0039826, Hp Mp-08h93us-9301,
  • Hp Mp-08h96e0-9301, Hp Mp-08h96f0-9301, Hp Mp-08h98pa-9301,
  • Hp V101726bk1, Hp V101726bk1 Be, Hp V101726bk1 Fr,
  • Hp V101726bk1 Gr, Hp V101726bk1 It,
  • Hp V101726bk1 Po, Hp V101726bk1 Tr,
  • Hp V101726br1, Hp V101726bs1, Hp V101726bs1 Ar, Hp V101726bs1 Ru


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