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Hober 7.5KW Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Inverter

Hober 7.5 KW MPPT Hybrid Solar water Pumping Inverter’s main functions include converting the DC power into Ac Power to drive the pump.

The inverter is appropriate for three-phase pumps with power requirements below 7500 Watts.

Full automatic operation, no need for programming, user-friendly

Modular design, easy install, operate & maintain

GPRS or SPMCS remote control for option

1:1 match to AC pumps with strong overload capacity

30% more water output with an advanced inverter control algorithm

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency reaches 99% with an advanced MPPT algorithm

Good ROI (Return on Investment) against diesel-powered pumping

Hybrid function – support solar power, grid power/generator input.

Multi power sources work as complementary to achieve a system working 24 hours per day

IP65 design, continuous full-load operation between -10℃ to +60℃

Compatible with all AC pump types

Comprehensive Protections:

Soft start

DC Input Anti-reverse

AC Input/Output Phase lost(3Phase)

AC Output Short Circuit

AC Output Unbalance (3Phase)

Pump Dry run protection By sensor/ software

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