Fingerprint time attendance FA003V

Fingerprint time attendance Remote connection, two fix

Efficient 、Convenient、 Simple, these are my characteristic

* Fingerprint Time Attendance FA003V supports Net connection(31 units (RS485 mode), 255 units (TCP/IP).
* With high identification speed, and high registration capacity.
* FA003V can set various shifts, time attendance’ time zone, the group as user’ need, and print daily and monthly reports.
* It has a built-in embedded standalone module with high-performance ATMEL, big-capacity FLASH, and CMOS chips.
* Easy to integrate with various systems.

Fingerprint time attendance No distance, no boundaries, real-time query attendance record

The remote control is so simple and convenient

No matter where you are and whether the company is on a business trip, vacation, or travel, as long as there is a network, can follow up to check the attendance data. No distance, no boundaries, real-time view of the data you want to!

The function of the super

Seconds kill peer products, the most cost-effective

* New version of North Korean algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, process 3,000 fingerprints, within 0. 7 second.
* Fingerprint Capacity: 3000; Record Capacity:60000;
* Fingerprint image and real-time letter Display;
* Built-in embedded standalone module with high-performance SAMSUNG 32-bit X-scale CPU, big capacity FLASH, and CMOS chips.
* Embedded with alarm function.
* Be equipped with a system of calendars and be on an equal footing with PC.
* Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.
* Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use.
* Adjust image distortion, and assure fingerprint matching consistency.
* Accept ODM or OEM, providing system local voice, menu language, software analysis, and casing-making.
* It is a good option for enterprise / factory / tax / bank.etc use.

Simple user interface

The image quality is natural, clear, and exquisite

The product is a powerful, intuitive interface, is easy operation, and can satisfy the attendance machine using software operation of the masses of users. Software operating: personnel information entry, the divisions of the company internal different Settings, the software can be directly collect the attendance machine data report view.

The overall appearance

Teacher meticulously, concise and easy appearance

Attendance report

Easily view all kinds of report forms

Automatic generation of monthly attendance report query Excel employees, employees Moonrise attendance statistics, attendance statistics, abnormal attendance statistics as well as employees of the actual time clocked can generate the corresponding statements
You can set multiple shifts in the attendance system
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, daily work attendance details, displaying an accurate time attendance table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, details of work every day on the staff is not normal, abnormal display in the table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
View the employee with the attendance information
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)


Item(FA***3V) Description
User capacity 1,**0
Transaction Storage *0, **0
Period of data Keep data for 3 years when no current
Collecting rate Port rate(***0BPS, ****0BPS, ****0BPS)
Verification mode 1: N, 1:1
FAR  <0. ***1%
FRR <0. *1%
Response time <0. 8 second
Communication RS**5, TCP/IP, USB, U disk
Alarm clock Embedded alarm clock
The capacity of connect net *1 unit (RS**5 mode), **5 units (TCP/IP)
Distance ***0m (RS**5)
Show Time, ID number, Name
Language English, Indonesia, Turkish, Japanese, Portugues, Espanol, Pyccknn
Working mode Time & attendance, standalone, can be working persistently
Save function Turn off the device automatically for saving
Time & Attendance mode Fingerprint, password, fingerprint +password, card(optional),fingerprint + card (optional)   
Power supply DC5V, 1A (AC **0V to **0 V, *0 to *0 Hz )
Option  Proximity card reader built-in, backup battery, USB
Temperature and humidity   0 – *5, *0%**0%
Warranty of period *4 months
Applications             Office/factory/bank/hotel/school, etc

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