FA Fingerprint Time Attendance with USB Time Sheet

FA Fingerprint Time Attendance with USB Time Sheet:

Attendance management system with a fingerprint scanner

Inside and outside, be full of sound and color

This product system comprises a fingerprint collector, menu display area, and the main menu module, a fingerprint collector adopts the most advanced high-precision optical total reflection fingerprint head; the menu displays various data display areas, making it more convenient for the attendance machine operation, selection and setting information; in the main menu can be entered in the menu the operation.

The first use is so simple and easy to start

Four easy steps to complete setup

Set the time class and work time

When using it for the first time to time and work
time work settings in the attendance machine

Fingerprint attendance, you can start

The registration of new hires and entering the
detailed information about the staff, can
directly start the fingerprint attendance.

U disk to download the EXCEL reports

U disk to download automatically generate
EXCEL statements

Easy and quick view Excel reports

Open the report on the computer, direct viewing
results, clearing wage

FA Fingerprint Time Attendance with USB Time Sheet Attendance management system with 2.8 Inch Color Display

Fashion appearance is concise, with smooth lines, breaking through the traditional,
rigorous structure, sophisticated technology

* Fingerprint Capacity: 600/1000;Record Capacity: 150,000/100,000
* Identification Mode: Fingerprint / Password, EM/Mifare Card Optional
* Identification Time: < 0.7s;Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%
* False Rejection Rate (FRR): < 0.1%
* False Acceptance Rate (FAR): < 0.0001%
* Fingerprint Sensor Resolution: 500DPI
* Authentication Mode: 1:1, 1:N;Bell Ring: 8 times(only FX-3)
* Communication: USB Flash Drive Upload / Download
* Menu Operation: Record Query, User Query, Department Setting, Shift Setting, etc
* Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 Degree Celsius
* Power Consumption Management: Auto Sleep Time, Auto Power Off Time
* Power Source: Power Adapter,5V DC 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
* Voice and Display Language: English (Standard), Other Language Negotiable
* Software: No Need for Software

Stewed Assorted Delicacies attendance machine

Attendance machine products accessories complete, use more convenient

Attendance report

Easily view all kinds of report forms

Automatic generation of monthly attendance report query Excel employees, employees Moonrise attendance statistics, attendance statistics, abnormal attendance statistics as well as employees of the actual time clocked can generate the corresponding statements
You can set multiple shifts in the attendance system
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, daily work attendance details, displaying an accurate time attendance table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
Record this month, details of work every day on the staff is not normal, abnormal display in the table
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)
View the employee with the attendance information
(Click on the figure can refer to a clearer statement)

Product Specifications

Item Description
Fingerprint capacity 1, 000
Record Storage 100, 000
Period of data Keep data for 10 years when no current
Max Fingerprint per User 10
Verification mode 1: N, 1:1
Response time ≤0. 7 second
Resolution 500DPI
TFT Color Displayer 2.8 inch
Connection Slot USB
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
KeyBoard  16 Keys
Show Time, ID number, Name
Working mode Time & attendance, standalone, can work persistently
Save function Color Screen Saver
Time & Attendance mode Fingerprint, password
Temperature/Humidity 0℃~45℃ / 20%~ 80%
Power supply DC5V, 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
Option No
Warranty of period 12 months
Size 190*141*32mm
Applications Office/factory/bank/hotel/school etc

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