ET90 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control

ET90 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control:

High-quality fingerprint attendance machine

Not only is the attendance machine, or for you to lift the work queue time good helper


* Time Recorder ET90 is professional Fingerprint Time Attendance and AccessControl System with ARM 9.
* ET90 supports Net connection(31 units (RS485 mode), 255 units (TCP/IP), User can view the device via remote visit.
* ET90 supports multi-languages.
* In addition, it has an embedded alarm clock.

ET90 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control The international leading technology, high-quality fingerprint attendance machine

Simple operation、sensitive reaction、 use conveniently. precise, this is me

*New version of North Korean algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved.
* Fingerprint Capacity: 3000; Record Capacity:60000.
* Built-in embedded standalone module with high-performance ATMEL, big capacity FLASH, and CMOS chips, it is easy to integrate with various systems.
* Embedded with Alarm function.
* Be equipped with a system of the calendar and is on an equal footing with PC.
* Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.
* Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use.
* Adjust image distortion, and assure fingerprint matching consistency.
* Accept ODM or OEM, providing system local voice, menu language, software analysis, and casing-making.
* It is a good option for enterprise / factory / tax / bank use.

T9 input method

The machine uses the T9 input method, in English inputs can be switched directly


Humanized T9 input method, can enter the name directly into the attendance machine,
select a variety of input methods, improve the speed of the fingerprints

My capacity, beyond your imagination

Can be stored fingerprint for 3000 pieces, recording capacity is 60000

HD color frequency

The machine has a 2.8-inch high-definition color screen, hit the screen color display

Attendance report

Easily view all kinds of report forms

Automatic generation of monthly attendance report query Excel employees, employees Moonrise attendance statistics, attendance statistics, abnormal attendance statistics as well as employees of the actual time clocked can generate the corresponding statements
Details of the overall attendance record of the month (late, leave early, how many minutes total working hours).
Record this month, daily work attendance details, displaying an accurate time attendance table.
Record this month, details of work every day on the staff is not normal, abnormal display in the table.

ET90 Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control Product Specs

Item Description
Fingerprint capacity 3, 000
Record Storage 60, 000
Period of data Keep data for 3 years when no current
Collecting rate Port rate(9600BPS, 19200BPS, 38400BPS)
Verification mode 1: N, 1:1
Response time ≤0. 7 second
Resolution 500DPI
External functions Connect Electronic lock(Access Control), Electronic bell
The capacity of connect net 31 units (RS485 mode), 255 units (TCP/IP)
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Distance 1200m (RS485)
Show Time, ID number, Name
Working mode Time & attendance, standalone, can work persistently
Save function Turn off the device automatically for saving
Time & Attendance mode Fingerprint, password, fingerprint +password, card(optional), fingerprint + card (optional)
Temperature/Humidity 0℃~45℃ / 20%~ 80%
Power supply DC9V, 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
Option Proximity or Mifare card reader, backup battery, USB
Warranty of period 12 months
Size 186*130*58mm
Applications Office/factory/bank/hotel/school etc

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