ET-EF300 Face Time Attendance and Access Control

Face time attendance&access control with the technology of face recognition

Your face is your passport

ET-EF300 Face Time Attendance and Access Control:

Face recognition attendance machine adopts – face technology in today’sinternational scientific field and high precision recognition technology (fused the computer image processing technology and biostatistics in one), the extraction of feature points from the video portrait by using computer image processing technology and carries on the analysis to establish the facial feature templates using Biostatistics principles. When registered personnel come from a face recognition machine, it will have a voice prompt “thank you” that attendance has been successful. Moreover, it also has an image update function, if the image is taken as the first person face, and stored for the second face, if the first person faces images with the second face image consistent, the face recognition attendance machine will automatically store the first human face image to update the second face image. This method can keep the user’s face image updated, reduce facial shape change effect on the recognition, and the recognition accuracy is improved.

The most high-end face attendance machine

Face recognition technology of fingerprint attendance to eliminate film instead of others

(1) Prevent the generation of sign
Facial only passes face recognition Du Marie punch card, can not be replaced!
(2) High efficiency
Face attendance machine precision fast fleeting moment, attendance efficiency breakthrough.
(3) Used for a long time
Fashion non-contact attendance mode, use more convenient, safe and sanitary, the use of nonloss, longer life.
(4) Automatic updates
Intelligent learning updates ability, adapt to change your appearance, randomly, to play the role of self.

Face recognition operation

six steps to mastering the art of face attendance machine

Standby interface click on the screen

After startup, people standing on the attendance machine, the machine will
automatically enter the identification mode, touch screen click on the screen,
the menu bar, click the “menu” into.

Enter the menu the user management

The menu bar contains all the functions, the initial use of click: “Administrator” or
“user management” into the face registration starts.

The administrator registered entry

Click the new administrator access to the administrator to set the interface
input work number after the name, the choice of the next step, registration of
administrator password, and face recognition method combined identification.

User Registration

Click “user management” into the common user registration interface, face
recognition and identification mode number + face in two ways.

Face registration

Start after the registration, according to the prompts to adjust the camera began
to store data of face (picture the small dot), to collect enough information, complete
the registration.

Successfully list

After the registration is completed, will display the registration information, display
the number, name, pattern recognition, etc.

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