EF100 Time Attendance Systems

EF100 Time Attendance Systems:

EF100 is a breakthrough in innovation. The all-new high core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensure that the terminal identification speed is less than 1 second. The advanced infrared light source enables the terminal to ensure illumination, even in total darkness. It is an appropriate security device for any user regardless of complexion, facial expression, hairstyle, and facial hair.

In every detail, we all strive for perfection

High-definition color screen

4.3 -inch high-definition color screen,
It does not hurt your eye.

Double Hd Camera

Black and white, color dual cameras, The
the infrared optical system, It has strongly
adaptability to the environment

touch control

Screens can touch operation,
Let human-computer interaction
more friendly.

Infrared identification technology

It uses infrared intelligent identification,
Stable performance. 300 faces capacity.
Don’t recognize pictures, only recognize

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