BT-E6 Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance

BT-E6 Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance:

Item Description
Processor ARM32bit
LCD TFT displayer 2.8inch
High resolution 480*320
Fingerprint capacity 1000
Password capacity 1000
Storage capacity 100,000
Verify mode FP +Card+Password/FP+password/FP+card/card
Identify mode 1:1,1:N
FRR 1%
FAR 0.0001%
Matching speed <= 1second
Communication USB,TCP/IP,RS485
Access control function can connect electric lock/ magnetic/alarm device/exit button/TCP/IP/access control panel
Power supply 12V 2A
Ambient light 0-50000Lux
Working Distance 30-80cm
Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Working Distance DC12V/1A
Working humidity 20% – 80%
Size 182*100*50mm

Benefits of BT-E6 Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance

1. Eliminate buddy-punching

Buddy-punching is when an employee asks another employee to punch in if they are late or absent so that it adds hours even when they are not working. This happens a lot with traditional punch card attendance systems. With the biometric time and attendance system, employees won’t be able to do buddy-punching because the system only recognizes each person’s unique fingerprint. An employee cannot cheat their working time anymore.

2. Quick and accurate

One of the benefits of the Soyal time and attendance system is its ability to identify an employee’s fingerprint efficiently. The Royal AR837EF model is able to check 1000 fingerprint templates in 0.7 seconds, which makes recording attendance quick and easy. If you arrive right on time, it only takes a few seconds to clock in, ensuring that you won’t be late. Furthermore, the system accurately identifies unique fingerprints that belong to each different individual

3. Increase productivity

When employees work fixed hours, productivity will increase too as there is less time wasted. One person in a team who cheats working hours can cause the whole team to slow down, followed by the whole department, then the company. Soyal’s biometric time and attendance report track employees’ late in, early out, and long break to help improve employee productivity. Increased productivity will bring higher profitability to the company in the long run.

4. Security

When integrated with security systems such as door locks and CCTV, this type of time and attendance system benefits the organization in many ways. Doors to the office or rooms will only open when registered users scan their fingerprints on the device. Therefore, it prevents outsiders from entering the premise without permission, further eliminating theft, burglary, or another form of harm to employees. CCTV cameras can take picture snapshots of every entry and exit as visual evidence.

5. Develop responsible employees

If an employee’s attendance is affecting their work performance, it can be clearly seen on their attendance report generated by the biometric time and attendance system. The absence, lateness, and overtime breaks of every individual in the company can be clearly checked by the HR Department. A decrease in performance may cause them to get a warning from superiors and also a reduction in salary. When they realize that their attendance is causing problems in their job, employees tend to be more responsible in managing their time. Ultimately a good biometric time attendance system can help each employee to accomplish more tasks during everyday working hours.

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