BT-E4 Multimedia Time Attendance and Access Control

BT-E4 Multimedia Time Attendance It is absolutely your satisfactory choice

BT-E4 Multimedia Time Attendance and Access Control:


Because the invariability and uniqueness of determining the fingerprint is the most
reliable way of identifying, safety so using fingerprint door undoubtedly has a very high.

High stability

This system can work continuously, independent of good stability, high reliability, and
also can be used normally even in complicated environments.

Scientific management

The system is divided into super administrators, administrators, and users of three
identities, to their different permissions. Combined with the access control management
software professionals can access control management, access control, and real-time
attendance function and other professional applications.


Access control can work offline, you can also through the 485 communication to realize
multi machine networking management, also support the U disk import and export data;
with fingerprint, and password combination recognition functions.

The appearance of novel

New mold design, the appearance of novel fashion, the keyboard open design, unique
color display, more beautiful.

Intelligent learning

Because of the invariability and uniqueness of determination, the fingerprint is the most
Using the self-learning intelligent international leading technology of fingerprint,
the fingerprint data for an intelligent supplement, repair, improvement, and update, the influence
of the fingerprint identification from the age, season, peeling, and injury healing change.

Wooden door, burglarproof door installation diagram

Glass door installation diagram

BT-E4 Multimedia Time Attendance and Access Control

BT-E4 Multimedia Time Attendance Specs

Item Description
Processor ARM32bit
LCD TFT displayer 2.4inch
High resolution 320*240
Fingerprint capacity 1000
Password capacity 1000
Storage capacity 100,000
Verify mode FP +Card+Password/FP+password/FP+card/card
Identify mode 1:1,1:N
FRR 1%
FAR 0.0001%
Matching speed <= 1second
Communication USB,TCP/IP,RS485
Access control function can connect electric lock/ magnetic/alarm device/exit button/TCP/IP/access control panel
Power supply 12V 2A
Ambient light 0-50000Lux
Working Distance 30-80cm
Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Working Distance DC12V/1A
Working humidity 20% – 80%
Size 182*90*50mm

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