BT-08 Multimedia Time Attendance and Access Control

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BT-08 Multimedia Time Attendance and Access Control:

* BT-08 terminal operation is simple but efficient. It can realize identification, advertising, and other main functions, such as giving the correct time, the notice of meeting, birthday wishes, and other ancillary functions.
* BT-08 terminals adopt standard TCP network protocol and support the U-disk storage and transmission of data.
* BT-08 is in possession of ARM9 terminal hardware platforms which use advanced embedded Linux operating systems with round-the-clock work.
* BT-08 terminal which is stable and reliable can also be used independently from the online computers and its storing capacity can be dynamically allocated and expanded for suitable application in enterprises of all scales.
* Terminals support fingerprint identification, and the rate of error rate rejection is low.
* With high identification rate and high reliability and stability, large-capacity with more attendance records.
* High precision clock and reasonable structure of the device, all major components.
* Suitable for all kinds of complicated time attendance management. Easy-to-use and user-friendly software.

BT-08 Multimedia Time Attendance management system with a high-speed dual-core chip

Double-quick, double stable

* BT-08 Web Engine Fingerprint Access control and time attendance supporting WAN, Card, Password, USB, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485.
* BT-08 is equipped with the controller alone, attendance doors to realize integration, patented design, and a unique wall hanging with a beautiful structure.
* BT-08 terminal has been using the most advanced technology identification ( Fingerprint Identification).
* There are great flexibilities in the allocation of various identification methods, such as encoding recognition, fingerprint identification, identification numbers + code, and unique photography functions.
* In addition, the HDTV color cameras with 1.3 million pixels can instantly completely take photographs and show personal color photographs and particular information, identification, and effective alternatives to prevent replacement.

BT-08 Fingerprint Access Control with 6 big selling points

It is absolutely your satisfactory choice


Because of the invariability and uniqueness of determining the fingerprint is the most
reliable way of identifying, safety so using fingerprint door undoubtedly has a very high.

High stability

This system can work continuously, independent of good stability, high reliability, and
also can be used normally even in complicated environments.

Scientific management

The system is divided into super administrators, administrators, and users of three
identities, to their different permissions. Combined with the access control management
software professionals can access control management, access control, and real-time
attendance function and other professional applications.


Access control can work offline, you can also through the 485 communication to realize
multi machine networking management, also support the U disk import and export data;
with fingerprint, and password combination recognition function.

The appearance of novel

New mold design, the appearance of novel fashion, the keyboard open design, unique
color display, more beautiful.

Intelligent learning

Because of the invariability and uniqueness of determination the fingerprint is the most
Using the self-learning intelligent international leading technology of fingerprint,
the fingerprint data for an intelligent supplement, repair, improvement, and update, the influence
of the fingerprint identification from the age, season, peeling, and injury healing change.

Product Specs

tem Description
Modes of identification Mifare one card /proximity card and password
Response time ≤0.7 seconds
Distance 2.5-10 cm ( Mifare one card) 2.5-15cm (proximity card)
Identification Time ≤1 second
FAR /FRR ≤0.0001/≤0.01
Storage capacity Hard disk, dynamic memory allocation can be used to expand
Fingerprint Templates 3000
LCD 3.5-inch TFT color, 320*240 pixels
Communication RS232/485,TCP/IP,USB, and ADSL
Network port 10/100Bease-T Ethernet
Data transmission agreement TCP protocol
Warranty of period 12 months
Power DC5V, 2A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz)
Environment 0 -45℃ temperature and humidity 20%-80%
Exterior dimensions 175×130×45 (mm),2.5Kg hanging installation
Access Control Function Single embedded controller
Video camera 1.3 million pixels, HDTV Color Camera
USB port Embedded USB2.0 High-Speed Interface
News releases Remote control news can be released
U disk transmission U disk and SD storage attendance record, upload and download files
Sound effect Voice, regularly bell
Multimedia functions Music, slide advertisement, notice
Applications Office, star hotel, villa, bank, government

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