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Blue Solar PWM-Pro 12/24-20 Charge Controller

The Blue Solar PWM-Pro 12/24-20 Charge Controller series of controllers is ready for use with the default settings. Driver PWM Bluesolar Low cost with internal temperature sensor, three-stage battery charge (initial, absorption and flotation). The BlueSolar Regulator PWM Pro 12/24v 20Ah It offers overcurrent protection, short circuits and reverse polarity of solar panels or solar batteries.
disconnecting the low-voltage charge output and optional remote display, only 20a models.

Fully programmable

  • Using a computer and a computer program (available free of charge on our website)
  • Using the exclusive BlueSolar-Pro remote panel (see features below).

 Charge Controller Features

  • Fully programmable lighting control function.
  • Charging of three-stage batteries (initial, absorption and flotation), fully programmable.
  • Built-in battery control function (the remote panel is needed to view the status of the load).
  • Disconnecting the load output by low voltage and manual control (default setting).
  • Optional external temperature Sensor.
  • Charge output protected against overload and short circuits.
  • Protected against reverse polarity of solar panels and/or battery.

Day/night Timer options

  • Refer to the Remote Panel Manual for more details.

Blue Solar PWM-Pro 12/24-20

  • 12/24v battery voltage with automatic input voltage detection
  • Rated charging current 20 A
  • Automatic disconnection of the load Yes
  • Maximum Solar voltage 28 V/55 V (1)
  • Self-consumption < 10 MA
  • Charging output manual Control + low voltage shutdown
  • Reverse Battery polarity protection (fuse) overtemperature output short Circuit
  • Optional battery temperature Sensor (item SCC940100100)
  • Temperature compensation
    • -30 mv/°c,-60 mv/°c resp.
    • (If you have the temperature sensor installed)
  • Optional remote Panel (item SCC900300000)
  • Common positive grounding
  • Temp range. Operating-20 to + 50℃
  • Humidity (non-condensing) max. 98%


  • Absorption load (2) 14.4 V/28,8 V
  • Floating load (2) 13.8 V/27,6 V
  • Equalizer Load (2) 14.6 V/29,2 V
  • Low voltage load disconnection 11.1 V/22.2 V
  • Low voltage load reconnection 12.6 V/25,2 V


  • Terminal size 10 mm ²
  • IP30 Protection Type
  • Weight 0.30 kg
  • Dimensions (Al x W x H) 160x82x48 mm

Regulations and standards

  • Safety IEC 62109-1
  • Emissions en 61000-6-1, en 61000-6-3, ISO 7637-2


  • For 12v use 36-cell solar panels
  • For 24v use 72-cell solar panels

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