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300 Liters Bosch Indirect Flat Roof Indirect (Closed Loop) Solar Water Heater

The Bosch solar water heater TSS comes in three different storage sizes: 150, 200, or 300 l, suitable for on-roof or flat roof installation. For the on-roof versions, you have the option of installing the storage tank and collector separately. Furthermore, the design is also flexible enough to be expanded by additional collectors. The angle of inclination ranges between 25° and 45°, adjustable in accordance with local requirements. In contrast, the flat roof versions have a fixed inclination angle of 35°.

All-round quality: the storage tank

The storage tank of the Bosch solar water heater is made from steel and designed to last a long time. Thanks to a double wall, it is particularly well insulated against loss of heat. An inner layer of enamel maintains a safe standard of hygiene. The storage tank is protected against corrosion by a magnesium anode. This can be easily monitored, without the need for the storage tank to be emptied. It is color coordinated with the supporting structure and the collector frame and thus visually appealing.

Lightweight and efficient: the collector

Thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame, the TSS collector is particularly lightweight. Installers will have no trouble transporting it to your roof. Its ultrasonic-welded copper fin absorber with a highly selective coating is an impressive feature boasting first-class solar energy yield.

300 Liters Bosch Indirect Flat Roof Indirect



  • Environmentally friendly hot water generation through the use of solar energy.
  • An inexpensive solar system without pumps or electronic controllers.
  • Double-walled, enameled steel tank with magnesium anode as corrosion protection.
  • Available in a 300L storage tank.
  • High-performance collector with weight-saving sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Simple, quick assembly without the requirement of special tools.
  • Corner protectors for safe transportation onto the roof.
  • Flexible, expandable on-roof version for which the tank and collector can be separately installed.
  • Suitable for installation on flat roofs.

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