Table Pop up Box

Table Top Metal Pop-Up Box

Hydraulic Popup Box for Conference Table with Desktop Socket HDMI VGA RJ45 USB 3.5MM Audio Port.(Silver)

Table Top Metal Pop-Up Box

Smoothly locked connection

  • Press the top of cable cubby, the mechanical Locking device inside the desktop socket will be released and the connection panel will be opened smoothly by the Pneumatic Support Structure, and use the seams on the panel which user could connect Video, Audio, Network, Telephone, Power and so on.
  • After using the conference table socket, Just press the panel cover, the Mechanical Locking Device inside the desktop socket will lock the box.
  • The locked connection box is flush with the tabletop and all the connections are hidden dexterously. The neat & elegant topside of the box together with the tabletop form an integrated mass.
  • The product provides a unique style compared to the usual grommet and interconnection boxes.
  • Almost invisible when closed but opens easily with a press of the lid to reveal 5 different ports. HDMI, 3.5 stereos, RJ45, Computer Video: 15pin HD F/M(VGA), an AC power connection. All sources connect under the desktop and can run simultaneously without any interference.
  • Install an HDMI, VGA, CAT5E, Power socket, USB, XLR & Composite Audio/Video access panel into the surface of a table, and output to an HDMI display or projector, with a discreet hideaway design.
  • The Automatic Conference Table Connectivity Box features a concealed, in-table design that lets you connect a VGA, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, or composite video source device to an HDMI display or projector. When the video switch isn’t in use, you can simply slide the stylish cover panel over the connectors, hiding them inside the table or podium surface.
  • Desktop Socket series offer a solution of compact & beautiful desktop signal connection. The socket could be easily and conveniently connected with the electric equipment.
  • Tabletop Socket is designed for connection of video, audio, computer video, network, telephone and power, etc. When the mechanism is opened, kinds of electric wires and data wires could be inserted and connected into the box.


Connectivity Options:

  • With support for different video inputs including: HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort, and composite, the video switch ensures support for almost any laptop, Ultrabook or mobile device such as MacBook, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 & 3, and Lenovo X1.
  • The switch panel even works with legacy audio/video devices such as DVD player, and supports the use of video adapters for your iPhone or iPad.


Convenient Accessibility:

  • Presenters can conveniently share content from their own device with the tabletop switch automatically converting any attached audio/video source device source into a single HDMI output.
  • The switch box also offers stylish integration into your modern boardroom or classroom with a discreet hideaway panel. For added convenience the features a USB charging port to charge your mobile device and an Ethernet pass-through port for Internet connectivity in boardrooms where Wi-Fi is not available.

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