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Types of USB Cables

In this article, we cover the various types USB Cable, Where to buy, and their Various Applications in Electronics.

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USB Cables, Connectors, and Adapters 

Our USB 2.0 and 3.0 cables deliver high-quality solutions for reliable connections.

With our wide range of cables, it’s easy to find the perfect solution for practically any USB connection. We offer a great selection of cable lengths and connector types as well as specialized USB 2.0 cables for unique applications.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has lots of applications almost everywhere. If you’ve ever needed to charge anything, from smartphones to tablets, to cameras, Connect printers, Laptops 

List of different USB Cables and There applications 

USB Type-A

USB TYPE Connectors Store in Nairobi Kenya

USB Type-A connectors are the most common since most computing devices have USB Ports to connect to various devices; Type A Connectors Have applications in smartphones, cameras, keyboards, Mouse, Printers, and more to computers to transfer data, or plug into wall chargers to charge these gadgets with a Type-A port.

USB Type-B

Printer Cable USB Type B Store In Kenya

USB Type-B connectors have primary applications for connecting printers and scanners to computers, Common applications also are in industrial Machine They have a square shape with beveled exterior corners on the top ends.


Mini USB Connectors For Phones and Cameras Store in Kenya

This was the standard for various devices a while back but was quickly replaced by the micro-USB connector mentioned below. Their many applications lie in models of various gadgets such as Hard Disks, cameras, MP3 players, and game controllers, Mobile Phones, and Many other Gadgets Micro USB is smaller than a regular USB, but larger when compared to its successor.


Micro USB for Smart Phones and Smart Devices

The micro-USB connectors and Cables are very small; they have been adopted in many applications such as smart-phones. Also, The connectors are continually being adapted in micro-USB ports on certain accessories like Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones, smartwatch charging stands, and more as well.


USB Type-C

USB Type C shop in Kenya

USB Type-C, is the latest technology in USB, Most devices from 20018 have adopted USB-c in favor of the micro USB, USB C Cables offers faster data transfer rates than previous USB versions. The biggest advantage of USB-C is that it’s reversible and can be plugged in either up or down. It has become the new standard for mobile devices. Universal adoption is still a little ways away, but it’s never been closer than with USB-C.


Useful Links  and Products Recommendations

In this section we cover a summary of other computing devices and where you can easily purchase them at discount Prices, Some of the links may lead to different brands and Companies and Web pages.



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