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D-Link Store in Nairobi | Structured Cabling, Computer & LAN Networks


Get the best deals on D-Link Networking Products in Kenya From Tdk –Dlink Dealers in Kenya. We stock the best quality of D-Link products and come with a manufacturer warranty.

If you have a computer networking or structured cabling requirement that entails D-Link and need help in getting the right product. Call us, tell us your situation and what you want to achieve. We will help you get the right products, that meet your budget and meet your Networking Needs

Our D-Link LAN  Networking Products include;  D-Link Switches- POE Cloud Managed Switches Unmanaged Switches, Smart Managed Switches, Fully Managed Switches, Industrial Switches, Switch Accessories and Much more.

Our D-Link Structured Cabling Products include; D-Link Cable Maganers, D-Link Patch-Panels, Dlink  Patch Cords ,  D-Link UTP Cables  and Much more

D-LINK KES                          –
DWR-730 KES             8,400.00
DGS-1008D KES             3,600.00
DES-1008A 8 PORT SWITCH KES             1,080.00
DAP-1155 WIRELESS ACCESS POINT KES             3,000.00
Dap-3520 WIRELESS ACCESSPOINT KES           33,600.00
DSL- 504T ADSL ROUTER KES             6,600.00
Camera Dcs-930L KES             6,000.00
DAP-1320 RANGE EXTENDER KES             3,960.00
DAP-1360 WIRELESS ACCESSPOINT KES             3,960.00
DAP-3310 2.4 GHZ OUTDOOR AP KES           12,240.00
DAP-3410 5GHZ AP OUTDOOR KES           13,440.00
DEM-310 GT MUITIMODE SFP KES             6,000.00
DEM -311 GT MUTI MODE SFP KES             7,200.00
DES-1016A 16 PORT SWITCH DESKTOP KES             5,00.00
DES-1024A 24 PORT SWITCH DESKTOP KES             8,000.00
DES -1210-28 WEBSMART SWITCH KES           23,200.00
DES1210-28P WEBSMART POE SWITCH KES           41,400.00
DGS-1008A DESKTOP GIGABIT SWITCH KES             3,600.00
DGS-1016A Desktop GIGABIT Switch KES             9,360.00
DGS-1016D RACKMOUNT KES           12,600.00
DGS-1024D 24 PORT GIGABIT SWITCH RACKMOUNT KES           15,600.00
Dgs-1100-08P 8 Port Switch KES           14,400.00
DGS -1210-28POE KES           43,200.00
DGS-1210-52/E KES           54,000.00
DHP-W306AV POWERLINE EXTENDER KES             7,800.00
DIR 505 MOBILE COMPANION KES             3,600.00
DIR -514 3G ROUTER KES             3,360.00
DIR 524 BROADBAND ROUTER KES             2,280.00
DIR 605L KES             3,000.00
DIR 615 ROUTER KES             2,640.00
DKVM 4U KES             5,400.00
DKVM-CU5 KES             1,800.00
KVM SWITCH 8 Port KES           27,600.00
DMC 300 SC KES             6,000.00
DMC 515SC KES             9,600.00
DMC 530 KES             9,600.00
DMC 700SC KES           16,800.00
DPH-150SE KES             7,200.00
DUB 1040 4 PORT USB 2.0 POCKET HUB KES                960.00
DVG 2102 S KES             4,200.00
DWA-131 NANO USB ADAPTER KES             1,620.00
Dwa-510 Wireless Pci Card KES             1,020.00
DWL3200AP KES           12,600.00
DWL 3600AP KES           17,400.00
DWL 6600AP KES           21,600.00
DWM 156/3GA USB ADAPTER KES             2,640.00
DWR 510 3.75 G ROUTER KES             6,600.00
KVM SWITCH 4 PORT USB DKVM -440 KES             5,400.00
PCI ADAPTER DWA 525 KES             1,680.00
DPE-101G1 POE ADAPTER KES             5,400.00
DHP- 306AV  POWERLINE KES             6,600.00
DHP – W306 AV POWERLINE KES             6,600.00
DPR-1040 PRINT SERVER KES             7,200.00
DPR-1061 PRINT SERVER KES             7,200.00
DIR 412 ROUTER 3G KES             3,240.00
DWR-112 ROUTER 3G KES             4,800.00
DWR- 512  ROUTER 3G KES           12,600.00
DIR-600 BROADBAND ROUTER KES             2,400.00
DIR-655 BROADBAND ROUTER KES           10,800.00
Des-1100-26 WEBSMART SWITCH KES           14,400.00
DES-1210-52 48 Port Switch KES           34,800.00
DES-3028P NETWORK SWITCH KES           66,000.00
DGS-1210-10P WEBSMART NETWORK SWITCH KES           30,000.00
DWA-123 USB ADAPTER KES             1,020.00
DLINK DWA-125 USB KES             1,200.00
DWA121  WIRELESS NIC ADAPTER KES             1,560.00
WIRELESS ROUTER DIR-645L KES             9,360.00
DES1008A KES             1,080.00
DES1016A KES             3,000.00
DES1016D KES             4,440.00
DGS1100-24P KES           30,000.00
DPR1061 KES             9,600.00
DWA125 KES             1,560.00
DPR1020 KES             6,000.00
DIR506L KES             3,600.00
DCS930L KES             4,800.00
DGS1100-26MP KES           44,400.00
DLINK PATCH PANEL 24 PORT KES             4,200.00
DLINK FACEPLATE 1 PORT KES                2300.00
DLINK MODULES CAT 6 KES                250.00
DLINK FACEPLATE 2 PORT KES                300.00
PATCHCORD DLINK 1M KES                280.00
PATCHCORD DLINK 3M KES                500.00

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