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200 Liters Megasun Indirect Flat Plate Collector

300 Liters Megasun indirect Flat Plate Collector Solar hot water systems are economical effective heaters that provide excellent performance, good value, and guaranteed long life. They are of Open Loop thermosyphon design with water flow circulating through the collectors and being stored in the tank ready for use. Features include; Heavy-duty stainless steel AISI 304 tank complete with 2kw electric heater, thermostat, and a sacrificial anode to protect against corrosion Ultra high-efficiency solar collectors incorporating capillary copper pipes ultrasonically welded on a black chrome backplate covered by high transmittance glass Insulated copper pipe for hot water complete with necessary compression fittings, pressure release valve, and a drain cock Galvanized mounting frame 200 Liters Megasun direct Flat Plate Collector systems are available in three sizes to suit domestic and small scale institutional applications.

The flat-plate solar collectors are probably the most fundamental and most studied technology for solar-powered domestic hot water systems. The overall idea behind this technology is pretty simple. The Sun heats a dark flat surface, which collects as much energy as possible, and then the energy is transferred to water, air, or other fluid for further use.

These are the main components of a typical flat-plate solar collector:

  • Black surface  – absorbent of the incident solar energy
  • Glazing cover – a transparent layer that transmits radiation to the absorber, but prevents radiative and convective heat loss from the surface
  • Tubes containing heating fluid transfer the heat from the collector
  • Support structure to protect the components and hold them in place
  • Insulation covering the sides and bottom of the collector to reduce heat losses

Some advantages of the flat-plate collectors are that they are:

  • Easy to manufacture.
  • Low cost.
  • Collect both beam and diffuse radiation.
  • Permanently fixed (no sophisticated positioning or tracking equipment is required)
  • Little maintenance.

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